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1/3 c14 8Siskiyou
Great read. Very satisfying. Thank you!
11/8/2021 c14 trekkie1701
I absolutely enjoyed this and really love how you balanced the differences between TOS and AOS. I'm a diehard TOS fan but AOS grew on me and I really loved Beyond. I have seen TNG and I only loved the episodes with Q and was impressed that you were able to have him "test" Jim and Spock. I honestly believe that Trelane was indeed a younger self of Q and Squire of Gothos is one of my top favorite TOS episodes. Thank you very much for sharing your story! LLAP
11/7/2021 c13 trekkie1701
I loved the reunion (I was actually hoping it would happen somewhat like that) and McCoy yelling at Kirk in Sickbay is hilarious!
3/24/2020 c14 2KatK91
Absolutely wonderful! The story development with Q in the mix was excellent. The emotional reunion of old Kirk with his Spock was captured with depth & beauty. As for young Spock & Kirk, they are well on their way to building their friendship that in turn will last their lifetime... as it should be.

Thank you very much. I will be reading that one again in the near future.
3/14/2020 c14 nmletters
Hi - I've had this tab open on my device for months! and even though you may not get it I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this work - well written, innovative and very clever. I started to read all your old works too.

sigh I wish the actors and powers that be would love these characters as much as fans to.

Thanks for writing and sharing! I hope you'll write ST again! :)
12/20/2019 c14 Redstart
Thank you
12/6/2019 c8 8Violin Cameos
Pffffft, you put the Executor in? I kinda glossed over it when reading-it was just another starship name to me-but then you went and pointed it out and... that just made me cackle. Wonder who the captain and XO are... but the XO's most likely named Wilhuff Tarkin, right? Riiiiiiiiiight? :DDDDDDDDD
12/5/2019 c4 Violin Cameos
Fun story so far, can't wait to finish reading it! (And as far as Tarsus is concerned, while it isn't outright mentioned in the AOS, Memory Alpha says that, according to the Star Trek movie app, John Harrison (Khan's false ID) was one of the nine survivors who could identify Kodos. So it appears as though that debacle occurred in the alternate timeline as well-whether Kirk was there for it or not is a bit more vague.)
4/4/2019 c1 34Kay Hau
Great job! Loved this story, and a little shocked that you managed to give us such a wonderful ending! Thank you!
2/2/2019 c14 Guest
Great job!
11/23/2018 c14 21AmandaBaker852
This is a wonderful story. It's a great idea to have Q show up in the AOS verse and I loved your idea of bringing Kirk back from the Nexus to keep Spock Prime company. If you ever do post a sequel, I look forward to it.
10/25/2018 c14 50WeirdLittleStories
Well, that was perfect and lovely and ... I keep coming back to the word "perfect." :-)

I watch the AOS movies, and I enjoyed the first and third, for all that they would have been VERY different if I'd been writing them. :-) But my heart will always belong to TOS. So it was nice to see the reunion of the original Kirk and Spock, and it was nice to see NuKirk acknowledge that those two have something special that he himself does not.

The new guys mostly make me sad, so I've mostly stopped reading Kelvin-timeline stories, but you're so good that I'll follow you even into the Kelvin timeline. Lead on, Captain KCS, and your loyal crew will follow! ;-)
10/23/2018 c14 6ilex-ferox
Thank you for this compelling re-working and the pleasure it gave.
10/23/2018 c14 19HeronS
It's beautiful. I really really want to explore more of our two Prime's adventures in this other universe now! Because there is no way Kirk is going to be passive :). What to meddle with, what to not... If you have a second chance...
10/22/2018 c14 3mckydstarlight
This was amazing!
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