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11/4/2010 c5 14BeyondTheClouds
lol that was coolios
10/27/2010 c4 BeyondTheClouds
Lol that was soooo awesome! And may i suggest putting what they were saying in differnt lines like

"blah blah blah"said someone "blah blah blah" Person replied.

Lol that would really help with reading! But im a good reader so i can understand but othr pplz mite not!Lol but it was awesome.update soon
10/27/2010 c2 6metaknight1234
thanks !

i love your fanfic so much ! its awesome ! it made my day ^^
10/26/2010 c2 14BeyondTheClouds
wowzzers...that was epic...Lol. But the spelling and grammer errors made it hard to read but it was still real good!:D
10/26/2010 c1 BeyondTheClouds
Wow!That was pretty coolios! Aside fromsome spelling errors and some sentence chunks getting cut out that was pretty good! Lol and thankies for reviewing mah story so Im returning the favor! And why is it this is the only review...hmmm...This is great. Update soon!

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