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for love at royale gates

7/28/2011 c12 thepinkmartini
7/27/2011 c12 2artszy
Good story.But looks like Gaddess is the bigger hero here.

He handled the situation all by himself.

And the story status should be complete right?I mean if it's finished.

I hope to read more of your work.
7/25/2011 c11 artszy
So cool.Van is back.How can the healers be so stupid,not treating him poison antidote?

I like Gadess.He is always useful.And the fact that Celena loves Allen's hair proves that she is a psycho.
7/25/2011 c11 thepinkmartini
good chapter! hitomi's so cute!
3/15/2011 c10 artszy
Good update,but I can't believe you made Celena's brother her servant.lol.That's funny.I thought it must be Dilandau.I'm sure Van will come back.I hope I'm right.And update again soon when you have time .
3/11/2011 c10 kimmi0490
good story keep it up =D
1/15/2011 c9 4Twi-Esca-Inu
OMG! I've been away from Fanfiction for AGES but in a way I'm happy because I had A TON of this story to read. I hope that you update ASAP since this is one of my fav stories!
1/13/2011 c9 3Fairyvixenmaiden
I'll keep reading if you keep writing. A nice short story.

Keep writing and welcome 2011.
12/29/2010 c3 6CrimsonLaurana
I hate the princess! What a witch! Go get her Hitomi!
12/29/2010 c2 CrimsonLaurana
The flashbacks really help to tell the story! XD I hope you continue!
12/29/2010 c1 CrimsonLaurana
Awesome chapter! It makes me feel like I'm actually there! Good work with imagery!
12/28/2010 c9 thepinkmartini
my gosh celena's such a snake.
12/22/2010 c8 thepinkmartini
i wanna smack celena's face!
12/21/2010 c7 2artszy
good chapter.I waiting to find out what happens next.thanks for the update and Merry Christmas.
12/21/2010 c6 artszy
I hope Gaddess informs Van about what he found.

Good chapter.
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