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5/30/2019 c27 browneyedgirl41
Awe! I really liked this one too. It was that perfect ending. I felt horrible for poor Inuyasha going through the floor...I laughed but still felt bad for him. Thank you for the hours of enjoyment.
4/20/2018 c27 guest
Thanks for a great collection of stories. Loved them all!
8/10/2017 c27 zye1
Just finished reading all five stories. Actually I already read the first one last year but somehow missed the rest. Absolutely love all of them. Though my favorite is still the first one.
8/1/2016 c27 bloodyrosethorn
This is about the fifth time I have read this series, but it just never gets old and I still love it today just as much as I loved it when I first read it, so thank you for this beautiful and lovely story.
1/19/2016 c1 Guest
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2/2/2013 c27 F1reEmpress
I loved the whole series. Great job!
12/23/2011 c20 7SangoMarie
Ladies may i present to you a necklace that makes your husband/bf feel what you feel during birth! Just Place it on him before you give birth to your new bundle of joy. Just say the magic word and he'll plumet face first into the hard floor... may i recommend the word be sit? lol

Anyways great chapter!
10/4/2011 c27 4King Draconias
I absolutely LOVED these stories. They were amazing you are an amazing author. It was great.


Draconias AKA "Just One More Loyal Reader" ;p
9/5/2011 c27 3ILoveInuyasha4Eva
I really missed these sgories, i spent forver reading the whole series over again because my fanfiction stopped alerting me. Such a sweet ending! I loe it so much. I hope there are more stories to come and more happieness. I wonder who the prince was paried up with? And did eri ayumi and yuka get their men? Hmm many questions lol :) anyway keep up your amazing writing and i wish you the absolute best! :D
11/24/2010 c27 2SaviorEmmaJones
Excellent series you have here. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. And I will probably go back and read it again at some point. Well done!
11/23/2010 c27 2Inumimi1
Following your instructions, when I first came upon this story I immediately stopped and went back to read all of the preceding stories and I have only now caught up - just in time for the epilogue! Anyway I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed all the stories in this series, I could really see your growth as a writer as each story progressed (sometimes I was not sure just what was really going on, who was speaking or when the action was taking place, especially in the first story). I almost wish that you would have given us a family tree, as I occasionally got confused as to who everyone was! Despite my confusion , I particularly liked how you handled the passage of time, especially sending Kagome to the land of faerie until her permanent return to the past - it was very clever and neatly took care of all sorts of time paradoxes. I would love to see a few additional stories, perhaps about Souta joining the pack (and perhaps finding a nice youkai girl), not to mention all the other singles, human, youkai, & hanyou. Anyway just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the stories and I feel bad that I was not able to comment sooner. Very much looking forward to your next work!
11/22/2010 c27 2butterfly here i come
That was a nice ending. I wish you had more but I guess that the story has to end some were thNks for all the stories that you put into this story see you next story. Ta Ta for now as tigger would say. :)
11/21/2010 c27 6xxdarienchibaloverxx
sry i didn't review i was in santa clara for the weekend with no internet lol. love the story! can't believe it's over ! T-T awesome stories! loved them. can't wait for other stories that you have in mind!
11/21/2010 c27 Puppylove7
That was an awesome story, but it's too bad that it had to come to an end. By the way, there are things I am questioning. You never did say whether Azami had a girl or a boy. Also, who is that girl the slapped Shiro? Anyways, I'd love to see more work from you.
11/21/2010 c27 Taraah36
LOL! Wow so this is the end huh? I loved it! I'm sad this series has ended but it was a good ending :-)))

I really look forward to more of your work and I hope to see something soon! :-))

I love how the twins shouted "That's not mama and papa!"

LOL! I also enjoyed how Shiro tried to get out of that one by saying the girl hit the crown it would matter. That girl had a reason to hit him, and his mother gave her the permission to do it! LOL! I can't I bet their relationship is going to be one bumpy ride before they get it right LOL!

OH I meant to ask were there anymore children born? What did Azami have, another girl?
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