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5/29 c17 tazdad47
Who in their right mind would leave the Carolinas for Toledo, Ohio? I spent 60 years of my life there, and when offere4d a teaching position in Southern Ohio, I couldn't leave the Glass Capitol fast enough. I still adore your story. Funny enough I was corresponding with a fellow author and Toledo ex-pat just the other day about a former Toledo mayor, Carty Finkbeiner, and what a joke he was. Keep your words flowing. tazdad47
2/17 c1 PixiefiedMagic
This started out like a decent story but then turned into list upon list of repeated names and titles and in the last 4-5 chapters it was hard to find the story. I’m sorry but do we really need every single title of every person that many times? It felt like a copy and paste session so I’m not going to find out how it ended, completely lost interest
2/9 c8 159Lorelei Candice Black
nice, I like it so far, though it's different from what I usually read.
12/22/2020 c13 ToddGilliss
You will need two pages of letterhead just to write a thank you
8/24/2020 c20 bgreenfl
I cannot recommend this story!

It started out with an interesting premise, but the last SEVERAL chapters degenerated into just a repetitive litany of names, titles, and ceremonial blather!

To top it off, the "ending" was just a cliff-hanger for the supposed sequel.

I was hooked by the beginning, but basically just skimmed the last half.

Don't waste your time!
8/24/2020 c14 bgreenfl
I have to say, I skimmed over all the detail on the coronation, and I never read all the detail on names, families, heirs, etc. For me, all the detail detracts from the flow.

I am enjoying the basic premise of your story, but pretty much the only thing left is for Harry to become "the king of the world!"
4/14/2020 c10 lazygamer0001
Great story thus far... Harry will unite the muggle and magical world by becoming The King of the UK.
2/27/2020 c14 Lady Annabelle Slytherin
I just laughed at the image of all the lords and ladies being blown over.
1/9/2020 c16 Stepheney
Shouldn't Daphne be listed as Lady of the House for both Potter and Dumbledore since they are married
1/1/2020 c11 Guest
Stupid draco is my friend homo crap. Up to here only malle interacción, harry multy gay stupidity.
1/1/2020 c6 Guest
What the crap is this, AN are bigger than the chapters
12/6/2019 c20 kekbekmekflekwek
Stupid mother fucker. You abandon this one with no warning, and then can't even be arsed to complete the rewrite. Hope you never write again.
11/14/2019 c10 FirePhoenixofHogwarts
Geewhizafry! Bring it down a few
11/14/2019 c7 FirePhoenixofHogwarts
12 aurors can't do 30 stunners at once. 12 stunners at one time yes 30 stunners would take almost all of them 3 times to cast. Do the math. 12 x2 is 24 then 6 more stunners to get to 30
11/13/2019 c5 FirePhoenixofHogwarts
You do know that is not true Goblin Language. That is just your version of Goblin.
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