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for SEEDs of Rebellion

10/24/2017 c1 scorpin17
love it
12/9/2013 c1 1Nilaos
Take this story down. Now. you have breeched copyright laws on the and anyway copied and pasted the a section the the story 'Growth of a SEED'. Take it down
10/24/2013 c1 13Nexus Gundam
This was actually good but why not continue it?
11/27/2012 c1 46Hikari Nova
are you ever going to update this? :)
10/24/2011 c1 Fan
Well, Its been exactly a year. Is this story still alive?
4/27/2011 c1 Ben-01

But you need to keep it my the Force fields of Star wars,s ships are powerful,it will take a big number of Shots from Gundam,s weapons to take them down.

Try to Balance things.
12/16/2010 c1 4cargas
I can't wait for Luke use gundam
11/24/2010 c1 Topy

But try not to over power Seed,s side,the Empire have a tech-edge,they only need to captured a mobile suit and eazily reverse engineer it very fast.

But why is it always the rebel that find Sol,I want to see a story where it,s the Imperial find Sol at the start of the War captured a zaft,s ship and come back later with a invasion fleet.
11/11/2010 c1 z1a1c1h1
liked story hope you keep writing it
11/10/2010 c1 JC
Good start

But I hope you will keep a tech-balance,I like the Good guys to win more on tactics then Super-tech,Moblie suits will get to the Empire.

The Gundam seed,s characters will not steal the thunder of canon characters,Luke Skywalker will still Destroy the first Death Star.

I think it would be better if Gundam seed,s characters only hook-up with Star wars O.C.

the Force is just like the Seed but permanetly on,A Force user both Light and Dark will have a Edge vs anyone.
10/26/2010 c1 74117Jorn
Let me guess...You read "Growth of a seed" right? Good job. Cant wait for the next chapter.
10/25/2010 c1 28SulliMike23
Obviously based this one animefan29's start. I personally can't wait to see what you have planned for this one.
10/24/2010 c1 41Patriot-112
Very good. Can't wait to see the other changes you made since I've read another fic similar to this. Keep it up!

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