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1/31/2019 c1 Guest
You don't understand clan dialogue using contractions, its the only thing making me say screw reading this
12/1/2017 c4 2Xenos
It is a real pity and very sad that it seems that this will never be continued / updated. I hope that only had would be a writer' block and his/her be ok.
4/7/2017 c4 3GoldenGryphon
Cool story. The culture chock on both sides would be immense. I can only imagine that would be the reason you decided to end the story where you did.
Love the mix of worlds. And the fact that in your Multiverse, magic doesn't cause tech to fail. Very nice.
Thank you for sharing. It was a nice break from the regular annoying stuff that fills HP fanfic.

Best thoughts.
6/6/2015 c4 27Ghost of Meat
Why did you stop this? This is one of two crossovers of this kind and the only one that is good. Better than most crossovers i've read regardless of the subjects of the cross.
5/30/2015 c4 killroy225
It's sad to see such a promising story die, but such is life...if you ever update it'd be AMAZING!
4/6/2015 c4 gearworks of ff
very smooth storyline, no noticed spelling errors
good flow on clan material without resorting to the hard to understand
terms of the clans
6/15/2014 c3 13Olaf74
Oh my dearness ;)
4/6/2014 c4 MWRANDOM
Excellent work! The idea of a magic using clan (once they integrate Harry's genes and centuries down the line) is both intriguing and in some ways terrifying. Not 100% sure about the usefulness of having a mechwarrior in the 20th century as they haven't yet built the tools needed to build the tools required to create a Mech, although I suppose a magical equivalent is possible. Though as he's a warrior and not an engineer that would appear to be a moot point anyway. Still I really like what you have done so far and hope that one day you will continue this.
2/16/2014 c4 8cko2
To bad this seems to be dead. Very cool idea and the reactions of a full grown harry that is combat trained with one hell ofva body gaurd is really going to shake things up in the wizard world. I can see snape doing his normal potter thing and finding himself face down on the floor with a gun or blade to his head. Dumble door reactions are going to fun with harry being this old. Love the story and reactions so far.
4/15/2013 c4 7DrunkenGrognard
OKay, this is amusing as hell and I'm rather looking forward to seeing it continue. Hope to see updates soon!
3/15/2013 c4 TxA-GunFighter
Very good chapter. Really hope you finish this story. It is too good to let it die.

3/14/2013 c3 TxA-GunFighter
Interesting chapter.

3/13/2013 c2 TxA-GunFighter
Good chapter.

3/13/2013 c1 TxA-GunFighter
Very good start.

11/15/2012 c4 13Olaf74
Just one Word "FANTASTIC!"

I am an BattleTech-Fanatic :)
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