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10/28/2010 c2 Ceville
Firstly - I love her name! 'Seona'. Very different, and pretty-sounding. Nicely chosen. ;)

This chapter gave a little more insight into the thoughts of Sherlock, which is always brilliant if not confusing - he's ridiculously intelligent afterall!

It feels a tad bit like each chapter is a one-shot, all connected but spread apart enough to be read comfortably, whether that was your intention or not is beyond me, but I quite like that about your story.

A job well done, methinks!

I'll be waiting for your next update! :D
10/28/2010 c1 Chaka-demus
Very very good I really liked reading this,hope you update soon :)
10/27/2010 c1 cosmosalchemist
Will u update?
10/25/2010 c1 2Apple Bottom
I'm in Australia too, so I've only just watched the last episode. It was brilliant I thought.

Anyway, I like the build up in your story, it was very intriging. I hope you continue with this.
10/25/2010 c1 Ceville
Hey, another Aussie author - that's always brilliant to see! I'm definitely intrigued by your story. The prologue (if this is what this is - forgive me if I'm wrong D:) has just enough detail whilst being just vague enough at the same time to draw me in. Now I'm curious to see what's going to happen!

Though I'd love to read more about the beginning and development of their relationship over time.

Beggers can't be choosers!

Hurry and update please~ :D
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