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1/26/2016 c14 Guest
Let me guess... Davey?
1/23/2016 c1 Guest
WHERE THE FREAKING CRAP IS JACK KELLY?! You CANNOT have a newsie fanfic without Jack...
9/15/2013 c26 1arosequartz
Oh please update, I love this story so much
6/5/2013 c26 chloroformandrainstorms
Hey, I was just wondering if there are going to be updates on this story. I noticed that it hasnt been updated since January.
12/21/2012 c26 3summer.a.McDaniels
write more soon please
8/6/2012 c26 3The Booknerds
I like where this is going! Keep up the good work and update soon!
5/15/2012 c26 1lovingstories
I thought it was Oscar that was a jerk a few chapters back and Morris, or Meyers, whatever his name is that was nice? I'll be looking out for the next chapter, and just so you know chapter 2 is really chapter 3, course you've probably been told that. Good story and please update soon. :)
3/21/2012 c26 Starsprung
Darlin', I love your writing very much, but the other Delancy boys name is Morris. Meyer is David's dad. Not to be rude, but I also think you mean the bulls instead of the crib.

Please don't be upset, it's just a little friendly suggestion. I don't mean to be rude.
3/17/2012 c2 Hannah
This is chapter three. Which irks me because then a whole bunch of story is cut out. X-(
2/25/2012 c26 6GraffitiSweetie
Okay, this story is seriously amazing! You really know how to write some cool characters. I can't wait for the next chapter!
1/22/2012 c26 32Christopher Scott
Interesting. I like Oscar. He seems to be a decent fellow. I look forward to what happens next. Please update as soon as you find most convenient.truly, Christopher Scott: A Gentleman Thief
1/22/2012 c26 1kitcool
please please write more love it
1/21/2012 c26 1Angelbaby63
OMG! Yay I'm soooo glad you updated your story! :)

Ohhh gosh poor Caroline :/ I really sincerely think Meyers needs an ass-beating from Spot! I CANNOT wait to see what happens! The anticipation is killing me dear friend, so please continue with this story and Wishing You Well. I love your stories with a burning passion :)
1/21/2012 c26 Ealasaid Una
poor caroline. i confuse why does oscar want to help her. She needs Race and Spot. great chatper.
11/12/2011 c25 4Conlonsgoil379
I'm so sorry about the car accident! I hope your okay. I'm sooooo excited you updated! I loved this chapter! Thanks for updating! Keep writing!
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