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11/9/2011 c25 1Angelbaby63
OMG! Words cannot explain how excited I got when I saw on my email that you updated! YAY! Sorry... got a little carried away. Anyhow, amazing chapter, I'm so glad to see that you are writing and I have to say that the suspense is killing me! i LOVE Spot in this chapter, protectin' his girl, whatta good guy :) Loved hearing some more backstory on Caroline!

Also, oh my goodness I'm sorry that you got into an accident but I'm glad that you're recovering and didn't get hurt any worse!

Take your time updating, I'll keep reading and reviewing no matter how long it takes! :)
11/9/2011 c25 Ealasaid Una
I like hearing the backstory on Caroline. So does mush remember that she rescue him. Is Caroline actually going to be ok? She must think that they hate her. Poor Racetrack. great chapter.
11/9/2011 c25 32Christopher Scott
Great chapter. I look forward to what will happen with the strike. Please update at your convenience.truly, Christopher Scott: A Gentleman Thief
11/8/2011 c25 1kitcool
Gee that is insane continue
9/20/2011 c24 kayla
This story is really wonderful, I hope you continue it and get it finished up. I love the back story and I really wanna see where this is gonna go :)
7/11/2011 c24 Starsprung
I smiled when I saw that one of the newsies was named Flame.

Yea, that was a very long time ago, but there was a warm and fuzzy feeling in my tummy when I remembered that I had told you about Flame :)
7/3/2011 c24 32Christopher Scott
Wow. That was depressing and good, Ms. Conlon. That was such a sad scene. Please update at your convenience.truly, Christopher Scott: A Gentleman Thief
7/3/2011 c24 1Angelbaby63
I feel so honored to have a chapter dedicated to me, and such a good one too! :)) Thanks!

Oh. My. Gosh. That was so sad! Poor Caroline, we know she's being forced to say all of this but man! Spot needs to save her now (even though she's capable of saving herself cuz she's no mary-sue!) Poor Spot, at least he knows her well enough to see through the charade!

Pleeeeease update soon my friend I LOVE this story so much :)
7/3/2011 c24 Ealasaid Una
really good chapter. Poor caroline not knowing if Spot and the others wil be there for her later.

please update again soon
7/3/2011 c24 5Mayarin
Oooo the emotions are running high!
6/29/2011 c23 Anonymous
I really like this story :) I've been reading it on and off for a while now. In the next chapter, could you have McRae in there somewhere? I liked her :)
6/12/2011 c23 32Christopher Scott
Wow. That was sad. Sorry I hadn't reviewed earlier. Poor Caroline. I hope they get her out soon. Please update at your convenience.truly, Christopher Scott: A Gentleman Thief
6/7/2011 c23 1Angelbaby63
Oh those Delancey's... they make me so angry. Pshh Spot could totally take them too, they must not have known what they'd be up against! Anywho, great chapter my friend! Poor Caroline, nothing seems to go her way, but hopefully that'll change soon! Pleeease update soon :)
6/6/2011 c22 2Fighterr
Great story so far! I like how it's a new take on Jack's role. I hope you add more soon!
6/5/2011 c22 1Angelbaby63
AHHH! How did I not see this? So sorry for my rudely late review my deary. Oh my, you are making these chapters so good but so emotional! (By the way, that's a good thing!) I am so in love with this story, and I cannot wait to see what happens next. I hope everything turns out okay! Agh update soon please! :)

Also, my stupid email for some reason doesn't tell me when there's a new chapter so I'll subscribe so this won't happen again!
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