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12/26/2015 c1 Jess
Damn this yandere story. I love it so much! And the openness of the ending really intrigued me.
10/6/2014 c1 21RandomNumbers523156
Tei going kooky, yep even though she's a yandere, I don't know, I can't really hate her, but feel pity.
2/20/2014 c1 1euls
LenXMiku forever *faints*
10/25/2013 c1 Vivian
Yandere Tei... Time to calm down... Jk, Jk, I love this.
5/17/2012 c1 visitor
This is scary Miku's not a mean girl :P
7/13/2011 c1 That One Crazy Cat Lady
I'm stalking you now. :U

Tei is amazing. You write her amazingly. I overuse the word amazing. AMAZING.

I'm sorry. I'm hyped up from reading your epic works. You seriously need to write, like, 5,000,002 more things. That would be nice.

I apologize for the sucky review. I have a tendency to write those.
4/17/2011 c1 2yams are delicious

this is sooo sad i wanted to cry poor tei it also makes you think too WOW WHAT A SURPRISE ON FFN!

you're so good at planning and fleshing out stories omgggg wtffff uuuuuuuuuu i love cafemans writing. POOR TEI. also lens cute jk
4/6/2011 c1 nerumi h
Oh my gosh. The ending!

Wow I have got to say, this is the best Tei fic I have ever found. I really felt like I was in her head but without being smothered by too many cliches for this genre. The plot was simple and flowing, just right for this genre which is mostly through thinking. I can't review all that well but this is me trying-I loved it! Seriously did Tei write this or something XD and thank you a hell load for not mentioning Tei's masterbation habits :/

Aw Len jut trying to please everybody! I liked the way you had Rin and Miku his loving friends but just a little too pushy so Tei looked like the perfect forgotten angel.
12/5/2010 c1 NOT tama-tan
this story is what made me like tei
11/22/2010 c1 43Moomoogirl1
I can just feel the craziness from Tei fly off from your words. It was really creepy the way she suddenly decided to finish off Miku(only to mope and think solely on Len at the end). Wonderful story, thanks for sharing!
11/11/2010 c1 3narcotic-lullaby
Awh, poor Tei! TwT

I loved this fic very much; the details and how you wrote everything as if they were said from Tei's mind is absolutely amazing. Even though I'm a total MikuxLen fan, I actually felt a little TeiXLen here x3 Keep up the good work! ^^
11/3/2010 c1 PoPiPo
I love this! The beginning was fluffy and cute, and then it slowly morphed into yandereness, as if you were really in Tei's mind.
10/28/2010 c1 8Midnight Ghost
Tick tock tick.

This was wonderful
10/26/2010 c1 3Frozenbreath
I haven't seen very many good/decent Vocaloid fanfictions lately (it's really making me loose hope on this fandom, OTL), and I have to say, this is absolutely amazing. You have talent. +fave

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