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1/14 c33 DaniRapoza
I read this story a loooong time ago back when there was only 29 of 30 chapters and just found it again! I reread the whole thing in 3 days and I need more! Ah! I know you haven't posted since 2018 but would you consider writing more!
11/30/2023 c33 X3egel
This is the best Fanfiction I've read so far. I especially love the relationship between Harry and Kertuk. Thank you for writing this amazing story!
10/27/2023 c33 Bishop
I love this story. I am to see it discontinued, though I understand your feeling. As multiple of your characters expressed through these chapters, standing for what you believe in is a trait to be admired and cherished.
Also an artist and wordsmith such as yourself should not have to fight for a muse when disillusioned with the story and world you write.

While I will feel bereft to lose the ending of such a rich tale, especially one which clearly cherishes the possible cultures, in a that Rowling's antisemitic charactures could never embody, I am forever great to have been able to read what here remains
10/1/2023 c33 Marshmallowmann
Imagine abandoning a 200k story because someone wrote something you didn't like on twitter wtf...
9/6/2023 c33 Bludotz
This story is excellent and I hope one day you get the motivation to continue it. Thanks for what you wrote so far. I love this interpretation of a Hufflepuff Harry that isn’t all hugs and baked goods.
9/4/2023 c33 2KuramKitsunea
Wow, some people truly are heartless and without empathy or understanding. The comments on your story prove such. While I may not agree with your reasoning I certainty understand not wanting to associate with the work of someone who stands against what you yourself believe in as it promotes those ideals that go against your own. This story is well written, and paints a horrific yet beautiful picture of how life is for those less fortunate in life. I know it all to well myself, having been in… similar circumstances. While I hate to see a story as good as this one lay broken and half finished, I feel that it’s for the best. When an artist looses their drive to paint, you will see it in their work. I appreciate you for sharing this work of art.
8/2/2023 c33 Parselharryfan37
Great fanfic
7/1/2023 c1 TheStrangeNessie
Imagine crying about someone’s opinion. This authors a loser.
5/17/2023 c1 Guest
If you cut off your nose to spite your face everyone will call you noseless...
4/20/2023 c33 12joemjackson
I found this enjoyable regardless of politics. Which I do not let affect my reading. Likely you'd more strongly disagree with my views, but ah well.
4/18/2023 c1 Guest
Lol, I know retards like you exist but each time I stumble across one like you I am amazed anew.
Hurr durr, how dare JK think that men participating in female sport is unfair, especially by this point your whining aged like fine milk, what with all the endless proof that no matter how much drugs you take you are still a man first and foremost with how mediocre male athletes are tearing through the female sport scene.

You and your ilk are a cancer to our society.
2/21/2023 c30 Details Details
“…or whatever is taking care of your abdominal eyesight?“
Perhaps a closer edit is required?!
1/19/2023 c1 anotherSad0
A 2 year old doesn't remember that he has been loved.

Also, there are only 2 genders in this world. Glad that you fuc. ked off to somewhere else and quit your bullshit story full of OCs. Rowling is a (real) women and she's to be admired. Authors like you are the problem who jump into the social media hate train.

Google some trans genitals, it's plainly disgusting.
1/12/2023 c33 Guest
This story is so good! I really hope that you come back and finish it at some point.
12/18/2022 c29 god eater
man, it's such a shame that this is already abandoned and i completely understand. dont listen to these assholes that say youre sensitive or it's a difference of opinion, transphobia causes harm and kills trans people. if it's a difference of opinion, then we could just live and let live and agree to disagree, but people like underneath the reviews poses a threat and can harm instead of just tease so yeah you assholes can fucking suck it because transphobia doesnt excuse the degenerate bigot Rowling from being protected from criticisms
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