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5/26/2019 c11 Love2read23
Oh my gosh! Harry's curse scar is on his stomach not his forehead! That doesn't explain, though, why the holly wand reacted in his scar so badly. Though hopefully there's no horcux.
5/21/2019 c33 6PinkMusicalCherry
I LOOOOOOVED READING THESE LETTERS WOW! LOVE ALL HIS PENPALS. I also really love that Char isn't being replaced by anyone from Hogwarts, you know? I think that loyalty and brotherhood Harry has with Chat and Kertak should remain always slightly higher for they are family of the closest kind. I hope we see more of Harry with Kertak too! I adored having more Char in there. I BLOODY ADORE FLITWICK SOOOOOOO MUCH TOO! NEW FAVOURITE TEACHER! THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN ANY FANFIC BEFORE FOR ME (and I've read many!) Best ever version of Flitwick ever!

I can't wait for Sirius to eventually be part of this. He's one of my favourite characters. And somehow I think he'll be especially treasured by your version of Harry. (And hopefully he won't die haha).

One thing I didn't reeeeally love was Lupin saying James may have picked on Snape for being less fortunate/poor/etc. when we know that's not it - Sirius was from a very unfortunate/abusive family, Remus himself was very poor, and Peter was probably kind of a dweeb. I think it was more Snape's dark tendencies (and the jealousy over Lily you mentioned), but I wouldn't say James would pick on someone for wealth/abuse/etc. reasons. If anything, I'm sure there were times Snape had a go at James WITHOUT James having started anything as well.

5/20/2019 c32 PinkMusicalCherry
Glad Frank is coming round. Man how could Lucius pretend so well to care for Lacius? Imagine if Lacius ends up in the graveyard with Voldemort and sees Lucius?!
5/20/2019 c31 PinkMusicalCherry
What was it in the previous chapter that made Moody switch his perception of Harry from bad to good? What moment/action?
5/19/2019 c30 PinkMusicalChery
I'm glad Moody came around! I hope Frank realises what an absolute ass he's been. Harry honestly should have just told the truth about the confrontation ugh.

Wouldn't the four magical beings/three magical cores have been the Voldemort/Quirrell thing causing it?
5/19/2019 c28 PinkMusicalCherry
You are SERIOUSLY GIVING ME TOM RIDDLE EMPATHY. Couldn't be have shown some orphanage empathy towards Harry if Wool's was that awful too? Ugh. I want that to happen somehow. Maybe if he got his soul back it'd be more feasible hahaha
5/19/2019 c19 PinkMusicalCherry
I loved the allusion to Tom Riddle! If only he had a chance in his orphanage to make bonds like Harry's. I wonder if there could be room for some sort of redemption there for him? I always have a weird sense of empathy for his upbringing, even though he's a douchebag adult.
5/18/2019 c8 PinkMusicalCherry
Ahh always hesitant of those story plots where suddenly Harry has no glasses so that be can look more like Lily so that people he was disliked by in canon can dislike him less now and ergh
5/18/2019 c7 PinkMusicalCherry
5/17/2019 c2 PinkMusicalCherry
Bloody amazing
5/14/2019 c33 Judith
Thank you so much for writing this story and for coming back to continue it over the years. I just came across it the other day and blew through all 33 chapters pretty fast. This AU is just great, very well put together and I love Hufflepuff Harry. I know you must have many obligations but hope you will have time to write more someday. Meanwhile, I will re-read! All the best to you, wonderful job!
4/28/2019 c1 Guest
Please update! I read this story months ago but I still keep checking for more chapters!
4/22/2019 c33 zerorita
Okay, so, I'm not often one to leave reviews, but every so often I will make an exception. This is one of those times. I am a sucker for many things, Hufflepuff Harry, trust between Harry and Snape, world building and focus on other races in the wizarding world are amongst them. All this combined would alone have me giddy, but you also have Harry growing up on the streets and orphanages and having a traumatic past yet not overcome by it, and I am sold. So very, very sold. I will eagerly await future updates, whenever they may come.
4/17/2019 c19 Guest
Bravo. Excellent characterization, you get people. It's a rare talent in authors these days, unfortunately. Good plot, grammar, and is one of the best fanfics and, indeed, books I've had the pleasure of reading. Thank you for all your hard work.
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