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7/30/2021 c23 Sarcastic Panda
*sighs* Of course. The one thing that NEVER changes in all fanfictions. Harry James Potter's luck. She hates him, doesn't she?
7/30/2021 c33 Guest
I had started to read this story years ago and just found it again. I've read the whole thing in the last few days. I enjoy your take on the world of Harry Potter and how you flesh out the supporting characters. Each character has a distinct personality and responds to situations accordingly. I like how you keep hinting and dropping clues about Hell without explaining every little detail- I think what I'm imagining is possibly worse than it actually was. It also gives you flexibility for your plot. I hope you will eventually continue this story. Regardless, thank you for the several enjoyable hours I spent reading it already. Cheers!
7/30/2021 c17 Sarcastic Panda
What is the language you have used for the Goblins? Is it real Gobbledygook?
7/29/2021 c3 Sarcastic Panda
Please don't let the other Boys Who Lived (Larius Longbottom, and Harry's twin) be bratty.
7/26/2021 c33 Guest
I really love this Story and would like to know if you intend to complete it or if it is abandoned.
7/9/2021 c30 2abhayakara
I love the final seen with Alastor. Damned good writing.
4/14/2021 c33 Vesp
Hi. I love this story and I thank you so much for your amazing work. Harry is a very special boy and you are a very special author. Thanks for a pleasure reading this book. Best regards.
2/27/2021 c21 Sagar Alias Jackie
Its really good , great job
2/17/2021 c33 mimaja
First of all, thank you for the first 33 chapters of this story. In the course of the time when I got to the last updates I had the fear that an end was not within reach. I like your story and how you work with the characters and make them work for you.
Sometimes I have problems understanding Harry's dialogues. My english isn't the best.
Nevertheless, I hope that it will continue at some point and I linked the story so that I don't miss the next chapter.
let yourself be well and stay healthy.
1/25/2021 c33 Norv
espérant qu'un jour une suite soit! merci
1/24/2021 c32 2Schattensammlerin
Thank you, I love your story! I started to read it, knowing it is currently discontinued but I'm still heartbroken
still it was great reading it, it's been a while since I read such a good one, thanks for that!
12/28/2020 c1 Translate
Hello, I want to ask if I can translate this fanfiction into Czech on Wattpad?
12/25/2020 c33 NeleWW
ich danke dir für diese echt spannende Geschichte. Ich hoffe, dass du vielleicht doch bald die Motivation hast sie weiterzuschreiben. Du hast so vieles offen gelassen und ich hätte auch einige Fragen.
Trotzdem verstehe ich deine Entscheidung.
Liebe Grüße aus dem Westerwald
11/13/2020 c18 Dark Angelx1992
I have to say that you built quite an interesting AU and your Harry is very interesting; he is so much like Tom and yet so different. It is just disappointing that this story was discontinued especially since it seems to be one of your most popular fics.
I really would have liked to know more about Harry and the relationships he formed with the other houses. I'm not done reading but knowing that this work has been abandoned I don't know whether it's worth continuing.
I ask have to say that it's amazing how well you have written this story given that English isn't your first language, there were some grammatical errors but you have done better than many native speakers.

I hope that one day you will continue this story or at least give it up for adoption? It seems that some fanfics I have read may have been inspired by your fic, so if people are using it as inspiration why not continue it?
11/12/2020 c33 iPod reader
I think (no, I know) you're jumping around in the HP canon verse... Because jumping the 2 faced man happened before summer vacation... Troll happened in Halloween schools let's out in may... They start in August. School is only 6 months of the year with breaks and vacations in between...2 months-vacation-2 months-vacation-2 months-vacation-2 months-back to school and repeat...
It would help ease the time line and let you decide where you want it to be in the future.. you have a lot going on, write busy and lots of worries.. family is important and so is your health.. God bless..
Moshi Gohuku
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