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12/17/2011 c1 31violetkisses
really beautiful.
12/3/2011 c1 Username 44444444444
i liked it, but it was sad, for both ichigo and aizen. good job
9/29/2011 c1 3Wandering the Arid Sea
wickedly evil.

9/19/2011 c1 1Nemesia23
Nice sequel, really loved this! It feels weird to say this, but I think the story is bittersweet. Accepting an undesired fate, much less a union with someone who ruined everything you love (in Ichigo's case), was sadistic, and nothing can top that, but to live one's life with that kind of partner is cruel, and Ichigo has to live it for eternity. I think he would rather be dead than to just accept it, just for the sake of lack of choices. If there is something I've learned on his anime character, it's his will and determination. He either will kill himself or Aizen, and that I can already see the end of their story! Hope you write another fic like this, its weirdly addicting reading something like this, but liking your fic nevertheless.
8/14/2011 c1 1w- easy enough
I really like this! I'm glad you brought Ichigo back from before 'A God's Desire'. That's really who Aizen wanted, and who we love.
8/7/2011 c1 Awesomehatyougotthere
Absolutely incredible! I loved the whole thing, especially the bits about the city in his head, I thought it was a nice touch. Thanks for writing it, you did an excellent job! Here, have a smiley: :D
8/3/2011 c1 10Uchiha Riddle
5/30/2011 c1 24EmpressHimiko
Well done

I liked this, I look forward to reading more of your work
5/11/2011 c1 2keet
I really liked the darkness of this piece. I have always compared Ichigo and his hollow with Hamlet, and I'm glad to see others have brought the connection with Shakespeare in as well. I personally love Shakespeare, and I began reading and preforming it at a young age. And it certainly did make an impact on my life.

I could definitely see Masaki reading some of the plays with Ichigo when he was young. Masaki always seemed presented as an artistically talented character. I'm not sure why I've perceived her character this way, but there does tend to be some sort of artistic component in families, and I have trouble picturing Isshin sewing, painting, or playing the piano. Well, maybe drunken sing-a-longs on the piano. You never know what those shinigami do in all of their spare time. It's surprising how none of the shinigami characters have hidden talents. I would imagine that after living for a few hundred years you could easily master so many different arts.

But I digress. Well done on your story. I agree that Ichigo needed a little bit of a comeback. Such tenacity in a character simply can't be erased (I've lost count of how many near death experiences he's had at this point). I enjoyed your perspective of Aizen's desire. Surely a man who believes himself to be God can have as many willing and docile bedmates as he pleases. It seemed natural for him to be attracted to Ichigo's irascible and obdurate character.

I look forward to reading more of your wonderful work.

4/7/2011 c1 Lickumz
This fic never gets old no matter how many times I read it. Thank you for giving us fans such a timeless gem. 3 *bows* ^^
2/22/2011 c1 3Mali Steelwing
I don't quite know what to say, only that I like the writing style and structure, and while I agree that Ichigo did seem to get over the issues rather quickly, the way you handled it, and knowing that time passes differently made everything understandable. I like the story, quite a bit, in fact, and will enjoy reading it over and over again.

Most specifically, I like Aizen's reactions. The enjoyment of having Ichigo/the imposter, the frustration when he realizes that he wanted the original personality, the loss of control and eventual decision to destroy the imposter, and his quiet appreciation of having the real Ichigo back. I wan't really a fan of Aizen until I read this story, and will now probably search out more Aizen/Ichigo pairings. Thank you for opening a new set of doors.
1/30/2011 c1 gollumsfriend
I enjoyed the prequel to this by Kyuubiluver, but your 'sequel' escaped me until just now. Really glad I found it!

I enjoyed the prequel, but was in turmoil over Ichigo's state of mind at the end of it and it left me feeling horribly. LOL

Knowing that 'horror' appears as a blizzard in Ichi's inner world, your final line "And a blizzard howls through the darkened city" brings me as much turmoil as the prequel's ending did-just in a different way. As sad and horrific as this final line is, its' impact is spectacular.

Your story is perfectly written, with just the right amount of angst that I like. (I hate it to go on and on and on...)

It's disturbing because I'm glad Ichigo's 'true' self has survived, and yet...he is stuck with an Aizen who wanted nothing more than the "real" Ichigo back, instead of the puppet he created. And now he has it. Crap. LOL-great job, thanks for writing it!
1/27/2011 c1 9Toki Mirage
Ooh, that was a cool concept. Thanks for sharing! I love how in the end, Aizen wanted an equal and not a doll. :D
1/24/2011 c1 8Sponges Fan
Ack, that's it, I'm your stalker. I unwillingly liked the original story, but despised how well it was made, if that makes sense? But you just...made it /better/. Seriously. Yiour angst was /just right/.

Now, I just have to convince you to write a Harry Potter/Bleach crossover...You'll probably do better then most people...

1/10/2011 c1 198black.k.kat
This was beyond words. "A God's Desire" left me kind of disappointed for all the reasons you talk about in the author's note. But then I found yours, and it made me speechless. Not creepily, but from the pure amount of EMOTION you've expressed. Your description of Ichigo rebuilding his inner world was incredible. It made me shiver, and I can't get it out of my head. Ichigo seemed so much more real in this fic than most of the ones I read, and it was a great change. Aizen also sets just the right insane, godlike tone that he has in the manga. And, of course, a non-happy ending is a nice difference from the sickly-sweet, fluffy stuff that is so common. The deeper parts of the story really strike a nice tone. I loved it, and sincerely hope you'll keep putting out such amazing work.
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