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1/6/2011 c1 2cgl4034
this was amazing. Really incredible! I loved it. Thanks for sharing
1/5/2011 c1 1The View From Up Here
Loved! -
12/30/2010 c1 sunset234
First of all let me say, I LOVED THIS FICCC!

Now, putting that aside, I liked the reactions of Ichigo as well as Aizen. That first time when he saw what his puttet was doing, I could practically feel the pain as disgust Ichigo had for himself or what his 'puttet' self was doing. Aizen's feeling of being alone and also needing just someone that actually thinks,I felt as well.

I would like to think that Ichigo and Aizen have come to an understanding but, Ichigo still knows nothing about the man who took everything away from him. So I loved the way you put the ending.

All in all, you really went beyond and went deeper into the characters thoughts and actions. I'm looking forward to your stories in the future! So in my favs:)
12/29/2010 c1 CrazyAnimeluver333
...i have no comment...but...this chapter was very nice(by that i mean where grimmjow tires to get the old ichi back and when ichi stabs aizen)...up until the point where aizen came back from the dead and turned into a damn sailor moon mascot...a butterfly...after that, everything was pretty much total scary bullshit...you have very good writing skills though...im really jealous! keep it up, Mac Ceallach!
12/28/2010 c1 unluckyNumber13
i actually like it...the prequel felt incomplete and i don't really like a weak minded ichigo...i'm glad that you continue the story...
12/26/2010 c1 6killing u with umbrellas
very interesting. i had read a god's desire a little while ago and i like how you continued it.
11/28/2010 c1 5animelover1993
For a rapeish fic. This was damn good.
11/7/2010 c1 2The Rabbit Is Dead
C'est magnifique! Absolutely AMAZING! I have read the prequel before, and disliked Ichigo's total character derailment into ultra uke, but wow, way to pull him back up! Ichigo allez!

Personally, I don't think the wangst was too brief, rather, it seemed to fit a little with Ichigo's character that he would have looked at it logically and tughed it out, determination and the will to win and all that, but in the end, les goûts et les couleurs, à chacun ses goûts!

One of the things I most despise in yaoi couplings is rape=love, or rape makes you gay. The fact that Ichigo is completely horrified at what has occured and what will be his likely fate is the most satisfying thing I have read in a long, long time :) Vive la différence!

Bon mot, an excellent fic with some beautiful writing! I hope to see more of your work, merci beaucoup!
11/7/2010 c1 13Qismat Qami
Gorgeous, gorgeous piece.
11/5/2010 c1 fanfic-freaks
Well, first off let me say, that you have a really amazing writing skill, and this story is very impressive. I really did perfer this ending, and your style as a whole.

I do read stories with a sort of a crictical eye i suppose, because i hope to improve my writing as well as helping others, so i just want to say, my favourite part of this story was the intensity, whether it was the rape or ii was the emotions felt by both characters, very convincing, and beautifully written.
11/5/2010 c1 38lotus-bugxm9
*fans self* wooow

What a story! I am huge fan of Aizen x Ichigo (aizigo) both as dark fics and of course my favorite romance but I had to say I had my doubts about this story at first. It just so... strange! lol I love it though because of that. The ending rape scean for example was very very well written and not to mention waayyyy HOTTT!(droolz)heeeh As to have Aizen in his butterfly form? gawd! I thought it was genius as despite what others think I quit liked that wigned/aizenbutterfly form, with his long long cool hair, yet nothing beats his original ditchinng SS/HM look. Yep

The ending though? I know it was rape as Ichigo was fighting it like crazy! absolutly hating the man for everything he has/will do/ as he had taken everything from Ichigo. Yet I still couldn't quit see it like that. Maybe its because I am again, a hardcore shipper of the pair ^^; eheeh I just don't know what I think. Yet I still liked it. hate it/love i was a awesome story. You sould really write some more as You are a really really good writer.
11/4/2010 c1 Slytherin Princess 7
5 Stars! Loved it! There should be a sequel to this as well,one that has Ichigo see what has happened in the time span of his being "away". And so he can meet the Espadas as "himself". Really Awesome! Keep up the good work!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Writer,

10/31/2010 c1 11Saria19
(Drools at the story) First story in a long time you say? YOU NEED TO WRITE MORE OFTEN IF THIS IS WHAT YOU TURN OUT! WONDERFUL, SEXY, HOTNESS!

Will there be one more chapter? Kind of like an aftermath chapter where a few more months have passed, the Arrancar realize that Ichigo is back to being himself, and those books get read at long last? Possibly Ichigo even gets that infernal collar off? Without someone there to tell him about the final Getsuga Tenshou, it is unlikely he'll be able to stand up against Aizen for a while, and Aizen might actually find that little challenge after so many months of having a submissive impostor refreshing.

All the best to you!
10/29/2010 c1 9Sev'slittlesecret
That...was weird... I'm sorry, but I still like A God's Desire ending. I don't know why, (It wasn't because of the rape, because I read a lot of Bonnienut's stories) but I didn't like this ending even though I liked the the idea of Ichigo got his personality/memory back.

Interesting take on the story though.
10/28/2010 c1 3LunaNikMoon
wow it nice that aizen finds some one that can equal him with is ichgo . make a part two! with them in the future
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