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10/28/2010 c1 Reviewer
A very good story. I liked the way you characterized everyone and how there was a certain flow to the story. excellent job!
10/27/2010 c1 19BeTrueToThyself
Cool! It was better than the first one.

Okay, honestly? I just don't read fanfiction with a critical eye, so while you were wondering about the level of angst, I wasn't. Does that make it "just right?" Sure, I guess. I didn't notice anything too far off with Ichigo's character, either.

And I agree - just because their bodies enjoy it, doesn't mean it isn't rape. Thanks for keeping it real.

No, I didn't really like this ending better. I was hopeful when he was rebuilding his inner world. Now? Now it just sucks, to put it mildly. *sniff* Damn. If only you hadn't ended it there! Just a little further, and maybe Ichigo would get free anyway. It's not like he knows for absolutely certain that everyone's dead. *sigh*
10/27/2010 c1 1Alsace
This is pretty much the fic I've been waiting for ever since the Deicide chapters ended. I loved the writing, especially towards the end when Ichigo became himself again. I think you handled his reactions very well; rushing it would have been too unrealistic and having him wallow in self-pity would have been boring. I've always loved Ichigo's character precisely because he never gives up despite the sheer amount of crap in his life. Sometimes his resolve wavers, but he always gets it back in the end.

I find a submissive Ichigo too OOC, so even knowing that he lost his mind or whatever, didn't stop me from cringing during the first half of the story. That's just a personal squick on my part, though. After Ichigo got his personality back, I really enjoyed the rest.

And Aizen...he's such a bastard, but you write him so well. The rape scene was hot.

If you're inclined to keep writing, I would love to see where this story goes. I'm not a fan of sad endings, so it would be nice if all hope is not lost and Ichigo can somehow reverse what's happened and save his friends and town and everyone else. Maybe Orihime can bring them back? In any case, please don't make Ichigo fall in love with Aizen. Stories where the person falls in love with their rapist are irresponsible (not to mention completely unrealistic).

Again, great writing.
10/27/2010 c1 15Persistence
all i got to say is WOW! i adored A GOd's desire and this is such a realistic sequal that i can actually see it happening. Sure having Ichigo be a willing slave would be fun for a while, but it would also become boring and lose interest like in here. i also like how Ichigo was still fighting, trying to kill Aizen even if he didn't succeeded, this really makes it so there is no escaping, even if he hides in his own mind, Aizen can push him out. kinda chilling. Wonderful job on this beautiful fic!
10/27/2010 c1 20Begriffsschrift
...The tone of this is interesting. Chaotic and almost anachronistic, but still composed.
10/27/2010 c1 6As Darkness Takes Over
Hm... Good story... Very good story. A bit long(not that I complain). Well made.
10/27/2010 c1 7SakaSandora
I loved it! It matchesvery well with Kyuubiluver's story. Glad someone did another chapter!
10/27/2010 c1 3cloudstrifejen
This is pretty good! Damn good actually! *giggles* Never thought Aizen is a guy who's lonely and just need a partner/lover? after all these time! Lol!
10/26/2010 c1 1Firework
Thanks for continuing A God's Desire, the ending left a lot to be desired. This is a very good continuation. If you can, please continue it.
10/26/2010 c1 10miszxbrii
I really enjoyed this, I'm not very good with critiquing but I will say I for one don't like Ichigo in a submissive state. I mean people have their preferences and even though I like Ichigo as a uke I never like him submissive so the whole Master situation though it was a great plot from the prequel I'm glad you wrote about Ichigo becoming himself once again. And the fact that even though he isn't submissive anymore there was still a part of him that desired Aizen even after the whole time being with him. I'm not sure if that desire was physical because of how much him and Aizen had been with each other or the simple fact that Aizen is somebody who has as much or more power over him so they have a connection but either way I thought it was great.

Also congrats n your first M-rated fanfic, I thought you did a great job.

Hopefully there will be more from you :)
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