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12/12/2020 c25 immery
I like this story very much. It is so much in spirit with the LMM books. And your Nan is a great girl. And I loved Sarah and Delly. There was a sad part about Marilla, and how I felt for Anne ( nee Shirley) when she couldn't come see her.

I liked how you developed Jerry and Nan relationship.

It is an old story, and at one time I was thinking how good it is that those stories are still there to be read. And how many Anne stories probably were written in past 100 years that we won't be able to read. So I'm glad it is still here.
8/24/2016 c1 1Andrea1984
I like your Story about Nan and Jerry and there family/friends.


2/20/2014 c1 23katherine-with-a-k
what a gorgeous beginning!
the rhythm and the language are so lovely - i love nan already, she's a real darling and a great creation of yours.
can't wait to dive into the next chapters and i look forward to your next stories.
4/21/2013 c25 dashielsheen
Oh, good, more mother/daughter moments between Anne and Nan, just as I had hoped! You have such a way with Anne's voice - it makes me feel like I'm back to the post-marriage Anne books in which she's fondly surveying her children. Delia's sly teasing was a nice way of bringing Nan's teaching time in Avonlea into full circle. I liked that you had all the gang gathered as a group once more, not unlike how Anne ended RV - so it was a perfect way to wrap up this story. I want to end this review on my favorite sentence, so I'll just point out a few spelling mishaps: 'divine' instead of 'devine' and 'lightness' instead of 'lighteness.' I think that's about it, though. Now, here's the sentence:

"The evening was slowly drawing on, and they were all happy with the loud, boisterous happiness of the youth. Nan felt a certain lighteness filling her to the tips of her fingers; a feeling she was getting used to now, after a few days. Every time she glanced at Jerry, she caught him already watching her. It was a very sweet routine to fall into.

"She lay down in the grass next to Di."
SO GOOD. You've really captured the sweetness and fluidity of youth and comfortable feel of solid relationships, and I love that you've ended with her and Di - it's almost as if you're hinting the next story already! :)
4/21/2013 c24 dashielsheen
It's been so long since I've last read your writing, but I think it has improved and flows far more smoothly now than it had from the beginning. It really is difficult to believe that English is your second language when you write with such fluency and nice, Montgomery flourishes. Flourishes, not merely in terms of its 'clothing,' but in terms of its structure. For example, I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of Jerry's emotions to those of the partygoers inside:

"Jerry Meredith was standing on the threshold with only one foot. For a horridly long time, he remained motionless. His face was utterly blank. Inside, people were raising toasts for Andy had just announced his engagement."

Oh, and this imagery - it really brought me back to LMM:

"So there she was: the proud, queenly Nan Blythe, running after the parsons's son, asking him to stop, jousting on her own dress and shedding pink rosebuds from her untangled hair!"

There was a lot happening in this chapter, with the love triangle reaching its climax and rapid close. I admit, some cruel part of me would've thrilled to see it drawn out a bit longer, but I can understand why you wanted to bring it a finish. I think I enjoy Ken's banter a little too much, though I did think Nan was being supremely nice about Ken treating her like one of his flings - he ought to have clarified that with her from the start given that they are supposed to be good, old friends. Perhaps I'm being a little overprotective over Nan, but I do think she deserved a bit more respect than being deluded into the 'romance' being more than he meant for it. It's a good thing her feelings for Jerry came out stronger in the end - they protected her in a way.

I never really read Nan/Jerry as a particularly romantic couple, not even in the appropriate moments, but you've woven the romance in a way that fit their banter perfectly:

" 'Could you- maybe- repeat the main points?' "

It would've thrilled Nan's dreamy soul! I can see her keeping it to herself as a little secret between her and Jerry, until Di tickles it out of her in the future at some point.

Also, I just wanted to hug you for writing an Anne delighting in grey hair so she could wear pink - of course, she would find the silver lining in that situation with such a mentality. I love the mother/daughter moments between Anne and Nan, so I hope you'll write in more of them in the future. :)

I'm off to read on the next - no, last - chapter. Ahhhh, I am sad this story is going to end very soon. :(
3/31/2013 c1 9Di Blythe
LOVE THIS STORY! keep it up! but I must say (I have to confess) the image you give Di makes her look like a second Mary Vance...STILL THAT DOESNT MEAN I DONT LOVE IT.
Keep writing!
3/19/2013 c25 1messyjessy2000
This story has made my day.
AOGG is my favorite book series.
I can't wait to read more of your stories.
2/25/2013 c25 Guest
Please write more nan and jerry stories
2/23/2013 c25 4anneelizabeth
I am so glad you've updated and completed this! Seeing the update made my day - I had to read it right away! :)

This is my most favorite Nan story, by far! Love the characterization, the progression, everything! It's just perfect. :) I hope you write more!
2/22/2013 c25 510TolkienGirl
Adored this final installment of course-very sweet, very LMM to end on such a pleasant note. Also, really enjoyed the reference to the pink enamel heart! You have drawn so many wonderful little connections! :)
2/21/2013 c1 Just A Writer For Now
You, my friend, are fantastic. I just read your entire story in two hours while I'm at home stuck in the snow and it just made my day. I love that all the characters are in-character. I love that the story looks at Nan and Jerry and Ken, who were a little overlooked in Rainbow Valley and Rilla. I loved going back to Avonlea and seeing what happened before WWI. This story is absolutely wonderful and amazing and you are a very talented writer. Thanks for such an amazing story!
2/13/2013 c24 TolkienGirl
Oh how beautiful! How exquisite-the best, the happiest of ends. I only beg that in the epilogue we can learn what was going on with Di-for the mystery still plagues me! However, back to this chapter-and believe me, I was just smiling with delight during that scene with Jerry and Nan! The art of your writing was never more evident than at that moment. I enjoyed that scene so very much, and this whole chapter was a thrillingly fun read. I thank you for taking us on this journey through your story-you have made LMM's world come alive again!
Looking forward, very very much to your future endeavors! And to the epilogue! :)
2/13/2013 c24 Ann
Ahhh... im so sad that its almost over. I loved your story and thought this chapter was PERFECT. Please write more Nan and Jerry stories after this!
2/2/2013 c23 Ann
come back to us soon! We miss you
1/12/2013 c23 Elia
I'm so thrilled that you've updated and hope we get another chapter soon! I am just so excited about this chapter and everything it portends! What a lovely detail about Nan feeling comfortable enough to share the Cass Thomas story with Jerry, showing rather than telling of their deepening relationship. I know you're scared of the story not being true to LMM in the next chapter, but you've so deftly paid homage to LMM's style with your storytelling that I'm not worried at all. CANNOT wait to read what you have for us!
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