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12/28/2020 c28 7Loganator-JR
I don’t think I will ever get over the fact that this will never be complete, forever heartbroken. Among all the fanfiction I have ever read over the past 12 years, none of them have touched me as much as this. Very little authors see and get the Ryan that I see. The story itself, it feels real. The characters feel real, the conflict feels real, their journey feels real, even the people in the background feel real. To be honest, your interpretation of Ryan and Kelsi and their potential is outstanding. Your interpretation of the rest of the wildcats and their relationships and friendships is spot on. You have a deep understanding of exaggerated characters in a disney movie and you toned them down just a bit to make them familiar and even more relatable than they ever were.

This will forever be one of the very few stories that I know I will keep going back to read regularly. And, somehow, every time feels like the first time. The enjoyment, the interest, the excitement. Your storytelling is just amazing.

I really do hope you get to finish this.

Have a brilliant day! I wish you all the best.
5/15/2020 c25 Guest
I know I must be super late, since this was last updated 5 years ago... but I hope you do continue it! It’s really good and it’s a shame it’s not finished
12/1/2019 c28 Luci
omg this story is absolutely perfect for me!
I felt sad when I found it's not ending …I really hope they can get together again, even see the marriage life !
9/28/2018 c28 7Ael98
Wow wow wow!
I just read "So I've fallen in love" and "So this is New York City", in only 3 days (and it's the first time that I read something in English so quickly!), and even though you'll probably never read this review because it had been years since you didn't updated, but I needed to thank you for these two AMAZING stories!
I can't even say if I prefered "So I've fallen in love" or its sequel... In one hand, I love the fluff and the cute moments, so "So I've fallen in love" was PERFECT! But in the other hand, "So this is new york city" felt so real! I really liked how you developed the story in the sequel. First, the first months in Juillard were magical, Kelsi and Ryan were perfect for each other... But I think it is really a good thing that you made them break up (even though it was soooo sad and I felt soooo bad for the characters!), because they needed to grow up separately, and find who they are. And, when they did break up, it wasn't really a surprise, because since a few chapters you had prepared us for this, and it seemed to be the only right thing to do at this at that moment of their relationship. And now, two years later, they grew up, found themselves, built their lives, and they came back to see each other through the music, as in high school... A "back to basics" things for them, in a way... And I really feel that now, they can build something together, they are ready for that!
Obviously, I know that you probably will never write the end of this story. That's very sad, because I think that they are so so so close to be together again, like the hardest part is behind them, and now it just seems so right and natural for them to be together! However, I'm glad that you didn't stop to write this story a few chapters earlier, because I would have been so sad! Now, they are both themselves, and good, and we can really imagine that they will end together (but just after their break-up, I wasn't that confident that they will end together...). Well I don't know if you see my point, it's quite hard to explain it in English for me, but anyways, even though I would have love that you finished your story, I feel that this chapter was not so bad to stop writing it (even though the fact that they are so close to be together again is quite frustrating! only a few chapters could be enough to finish quickly their story, and it would be so great for them to have their happy ending after everything they've been through!)
Well, again, thanks a lot for those two stories. It had been amazing to read them so quickly, I was really in the story, I could understand Kelsi and Ryan perfectly (well... most of the time). Even when Ryan was really bad, in the 2nd part of his 1st year, I could understand why he was acting this way (even though I wasn't OK with that!).
For both your stories, I think that you really understand the characters, and it was really "them". I mean, it was not out of character, so it was really easy to like them. But at the same time, especially in "So This is New York City", they were really "true". College really can change people, and it was obvious that they would not stay the same as they were in High School, and you succeed to show their changes in a natural way. It did not seem weird to see them starting to have troubles in their relationship because you let hints, and everyting happened really gradually...

I think I could talk about your stories for 2 more hours, but I will stop now. I hope you could understand everything I said, even though my English was not perfect...

Thanks again for these amazing stories.

And I know it has been more than three years that you did not update, but... It would still be so greaaaaaat that you give Kelsi and Ryan the happy ending they deserve after everything they've been through! So, if you ever find the time to write one or two last chapters, even if you don't really develop everything, just so that they can end together, it would be so so so so so great!

(Usually I don't read "not complete" stories to avoid this kind of feeling of being so frustrating when a story has no end, but "So I've fallen in love" was so great that I could not not read the sequel, even though I saw it was not complete)

Thank you again!
9/21/2017 c28 24DisneyMinnie
Please continue if you can! I want to see them get back together!
6/3/2017 c28 Guest
When r u going to update?
4/25/2017 c28 randomreader4194
found your story on a whim, got hooked. please please finish it some day, it's too good of a story and seems so close to completion!
3/9/2016 c28 Guest
I know im very late to this story but pleeeeease finish this even if its just one nore chapter. Its such a good story and its such a shame its not finished.
11/30/2015 c28 effervescentbutterbeer
Wow! I read all of "So I've fallen in love" and what you have posted so far on this story in the past week, along with "Ryan and Kelsi: The Arguments"
Great feels invoked by all three, and I eagerly await your next update. I don't know if I'll get it by the end of this year, but we still have another month, right? Is it too much to hope?
The whole "Mike is revealed to be kind of a douche" thing was upsetting, since like Kelsi herself I wanted dearly for him to be a good friend, but I don't think I can stand him anymore. Will he ever reappear as a changed-for-the-better person?
Robb was awesome, and I do a lot of the same when I write. (I'm Chinese American, so I usually manage to squeeze in at least one Asian character.) More Robb please! And I would love for him to have a smidge more dialogue.
I love the Sharpay and Kelsi friendship so much. It is super nice to see (read?) them having sweet moments. More! More! More!
Haha, I have so many requests. But wait! There's more! Take a look (read?):
-Ryan must get his beautiful blonde hair back, hopefully by the end of the next chapter. Even though his struggle is hilarious.
-Jen and Natalie!
-Some competition for Ryan. (Really, am I a sadist or what? But actually, I just want Ryan to have a couple more obstacles on his trek for redemption and love. He was a huge jerk for a long while.)
Happy Writing!
10/1/2015 c28 Distressed Guest
UGH Please don't listen to Debbie. The fact that Ryan never actually cheated on Kelsi is pretty much his saving grace and the only thing that kept me reading and trying to forgive him for everything else he did wrong in this story! Well, and your great writing kept me reading too, of course. :) If Debbie's interested in a "juicy" soap opera where everybody cheats and lies and sleeps around, there are plenty of other stories like that. I don't even know why you'd be a fan of something wholesome like High School Musical then...go watch some trashy soapy tv show on The CW. Ryan's finally redeeming himself and becoming likeable again and a happy ending seems to be on the horizon so let's not ruin that, please!
9/9/2015 c5 Debbie
MAke Da story all Da juicer )
7/25/2015 c28 Guest
So this is my favorite Ryelsi story EVER. Please finish it!
6/4/2015 c28 paramore-addict-96
Dude! You can't leave me hanging here! I only recently started reading HSM Ryelsi stories because even though I watched those films when I was like, 10, I was having extreme childhood nostalgia and re-watched all 3 films in the span of 2 days. And then I find this really good Ryelsi story and it has a sequel and then when everything was going to shit about 10 chapters ago I realised it wasn't complete! And you have no idea how much I hoped it wouldn't leave me dying to know what happens next but it has! So can you please please start updating this amazing story again and complete it?
4/3/2015 c28 pathetic me
Have you seen the supercute photo Lucas just posted of him and Olesya on twitter? Looks like I've got some new desktop wallpaper! *happydance* *throwing my hat in the air* ;) Aww, Ryelsi, together again! Pardon my squeeing. Did I review this chapter? I think I did. And I loved it, of course! And I would love more please!
2/26/2015 c28 Guest
Very good! Maybe a little too much time spent on Original Characters like Kelsi and Ryan's roommates (I'm not really interested in *their* love lives, although I notice you sometimes draw parallels to Ryelsi which makes it more relevant) Anyway I do enjoy how well you write Ryelsi interaction. :)
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