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8/21/2014 c16 12The Great Fanfiction Wizard
7/21/2011 c1 curly pink girl
this story is amaing wow i never expected so much romance and it really good the story is and i love romance stories what can i say i am that type of girl and ilove the stories with Gambit and Rogue because he is my favorite character inside all of the shows except Wolverine and the xmen because he is annoying in that so write more stories and i will review Okay bye .
7/6/2011 c14 cheferica222mail.com
this story is actually kind of sad but i loved the minute that i first read it and i still do so keep on writing stories that is rated k+ and i will review okay bye .
5/12/2011 c16 12Raven34link
great ending ^^
5/12/2011 c15 Raven34link
nooo Remy

i'm glade Remy broke up with Bella i've always hated her
5/8/2011 c15 Reny21
Wow! Great chapter!

Are you going to write more or was that the end? Please tell me that was not the end? :(
4/23/2011 c14 Romy2.0
Lookin forward 2 the next 1! Keep goin w this
4/22/2011 c14 Raven34link
damn when you said Rogue was dead you scared the crap out of me, that would so suck if she died and never got to get back with Remy
4/22/2011 c13 Raven34link
damn Bella
4/22/2011 c12 Raven34link
she kissed him again O_o

LOL pink or pink

poor Kurt
4/11/2011 c14 6Asilanna Dark-witch
Oohhhhh I loved it :)
4/8/2011 c11 12Raven34link
damn Mystique she just had to mess everything up
4/8/2011 c10 Raven34link
4/8/2011 c9 Raven34link
so i'm guessing Kurt never even knew about that money going into his account
4/7/2011 c8 Raven34link
LOL thats gotta suck dreaming about Remy then waking up to Scott saying 'i love you'
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