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for The New A-Team part 1 and 2

4/16/2007 c5 20Wattestaebchen
Oh I so love this story..I bet this is the thirdor forth time I read it...Although I bet if you wrote this other than in the form of a script you could make money...well okay not money but it would be great...

8/9/2003 c47 6NSW
is that it? that can't be it... no
8/9/2003 c48 NSW
5/10/2003 c1 4Kitsune-Tenshi-16
I know you wrote this story like 3 years ago, but I just read it and it is AWESOME! You should write a sequel!
8/27/2002 c1 J.C. Cornell
I love this story! You rule!
12/21/2001 c1 StarWarsgirl
OMG! It was awesome! Love it totally! I'm sorry I can't read all the chapters at the moment (it's 1:30 A.M. and I need some sleep) but hopfully, I'll beable to finish reading it all! Keep writing!
6/30/2001 c1 Andromeda Silver
Eh, screw signing in! Anyway, my informant says that you can't hotwire a helicopter without causing severe damage to yourself and the bird. Anyway, BRAVO! twas good! And the informant says she likes Mandy and wants Tanya dead. Hehehe! SLINKY!
3/28/2001 c1 1Hannibal
I love this story :-) I just have to keep going back to read it, it's so cool! Keep writing Jen(n)
2/4/2001 c43 1Murdock 2
2/1/2001 c43 Hannibal George
Good story Facegirl! I'm Glad Murdock2 Told me to read this!
1/17/2001 c8 Murdock 2
HAHAHAHAHA! BILLY! Wonderful Facey, wonderful!
1/15/2001 c43 Felicia
Well, in old times, there used to be books in mags, a few chapters at a time. Congrats, Facegirl, you have a book complete!
1/15/2001 c43 gmb
loved the little lines added. wish it had more, but i liked the line about the utility shed, and how the marshal got them pardoned. continue to write please, and i'll be waiting for your next story.
1/14/2001 c43 Murdock 2
GEEK! GEEK! GEEK! I love it!(when a plan comes together) ;) Wonderful story. Very funny! Keep writting! Thanks. ;)
1/4/2001 c40 Tanya
Very nice, although I would have done more than tickle! SHe deserved it! ; ) Well, it looks as if we are going to have to come up with a new idea again, hmmm let's see...
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