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10/31/2015 c3 1Mariposa00
I love your story! Please, please please please update!
12/16/2013 c1 devilsrose27
I have been re-reading your fic over and over again and it gets more and more glorious each time! It makes my day reading your chapters and I really hope you decide to pick this up again and continue it! It gave me so many laughs and I love your original character (not to mention the amazing relationship between her and Aerrow already, it's so funny and cute!) And you also did an awesome job with all the characters, and I can't wait to see where your planning to take this story, and all the different plot twists and jokes along the way! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE AGAIN! You just have too much talent to not continue this and it is such a great story about one of the best TV shows ever!
11/25/2013 c3 devilsrose27
Wow your story has completely won me over. I love the character depth and the possibilities of the plot and just everything about this story! It would be absolutely amazing of you if you could continue this story because I love the storm hawks and I need your story in my life! So even though it has been so long I'M BEGGING YOU UPDATE SOON YOU GENIUS WRITER!
12/1/2012 c3 Jupitarian-Felenoid
This. Is. BEAUTIFUL! *wipes away tears of joy* Please please PLEASE keep going with this!
5/6/2011 c3 3vortexFM
Love it, your character is great, and I'm glad to find a story WITHOUT a mary-sue in it once in-a-while. The only thing is, you haven't updating since November, and I was wondering if you have given up on this fic...

2/9/2011 c3 Maneki Neko
Wow. To tell you the truth, I didn't think this would be very good. Most OC stories aren't. But this one was pretty cool. A few spelling/grammar mistakes, but you can't get all of them. You portrayed your character and the Stormhawks pretty well. I loved Stork. :3
1/1/2011 c2 9I Hate You When You Breathe
AHHH! awesome chapter! i read the chapters over again and love this story! awesome! since i reviewed on chapter 3 im reviewing here! i love this! please please please update soon! :D
12/21/2010 c3 SassyGirl104
another amazingly awesome chapter... update soon
12/19/2010 c3 2RedRainStar
Wow! This is soooo good! Please do more! RSLx
11/11/2010 c1 Blue Rose Guardian
Good luck on your writing. The only sad part is u won't be working on this. I like your fight scenes btw they're understandable
11/11/2010 c3 9I Hate You When You Breathe
AWESOME! love it ! update soon! :D
11/11/2010 c3 4MasterArtist01
Awesome! I love your story. Believe me. Your character is definately not a mary-sue.

Please update soon!
11/10/2010 c3 22Cold-heart-Angel23
Wohoo! An update! I liked the look on Kaelie's face when she saw what did, I laughed at the part. For fighting scenes, I don't have much advise.

Try to understand the character and attempt to imagine the fight and defense of the character.

Besides that, Kaelie has more to ask for when she meets the rest of the team.

Update soon!
11/10/2010 c3 Rebellious Rebecca
heya SolrSurfr3! i LOVE this story! help with the fighting scenes? well, i cant really say anything, you know when you know something in your head but it is diffucult to explain but write it deown on paper? plus, it really depends how violent you want this story to be so. . . yea

PM if you need anymore help

11/10/2010 c3 4Kitten2007

Thanks for updating =3
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