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for Switching Places Evangelion

4/20/2013 c20 114dogbertcarroll
This still makes me laugh way too much!
4/8/2013 c20 1Lord Wrath
Great chapter
4/3/2013 c20 10Wonderbee31
Oh dear, and will not look forward to the way the meet with this angel goes, as well as if the Ree's will be able to come up with a winning move that tops everything else.
3/23/2013 c20 Treant Balewood
Im having a riot with this, thanks for writing.
3/21/2013 c20 Jiopaba
This story grows steadily crackier and crackier.

It started out modestly so, but every chapter it slides a little further down that slope.
3/21/2013 c20 1Cemalidor
well, considering MBT as Main Battle Tank i somewhat expected a BOLO in the size on Napoleon (Dominion Tank Police) since Washu had a (very distant) hand in it. :)
Will Ranma be able to face down his greatest nightmare, the tentacled Yaoi? :XDD
3/21/2013 c19 Cemalidor
Asuka saved by disco? Or was it the Ballroom blitz? :XD
3/21/2013 c18 Cemalidor
Ranma stared at the girl who'd just suggested that in a flat monotone. "Ah. No. I don't think that'd be a good idea."
Well, that entirely depends on the PoV there. :XD And i'll deny anything. ;)
Asuka as Batgirl? Can see that easily. :XD Had only a (minor) freudian slip there as i nearly read "wunderbra" (wonderbra) instead what you wrote. :XDDD Maybe we should be glad that there DCUO doesn't exist, would give certain people maybe just too many ideas to exploit. *drop*
3/21/2013 c17 Cemalidor
You know, if this keeps up i soon expect Rei to keep tabs of her 'status' with a good ol' fashioned character sheet like D&D 3 (3.5 optional) and try to balance her abilities and disadvantages... Not to mention epic feats and stuff. :XDD
3/21/2013 c16 Cemalidor
You know, since i am german i had more than once to take precautions to avoid spraying coffee onto my screen. :) Granted i took some offence on the word 'spast', but that's just me, the spiel with Strudel and Bratwurst was just... PRICELESS!
3/20/2013 c20 6CrypticMirror
Rei's in for a disappointing search, they no longer have tropes for that kind of thing anymore. It is too icky apparently.

Another stellar chapter though, thank you.
3/20/2013 c13 1Cemalidor
Air vents sounds familiar, they were a source of fun allready in 'NGE Nobody dies' :XD

Another catch-line there: We are Legion... Asuka. Oh, well, won't see that with all that codenames. :)
3/20/2013 c10 Cemalidor
I really love this story, for all the wrong reasons. :XD
3/19/2013 c20 1337
oh dear so many bad Ideas come to mind. One Kensuke was outside when the attack happend with Toji and we all know what happening outside with the angle. Another is the command at NEVR get effected by the special attack the angle has as well
3/19/2013 c20 1Dairegh
Why is it going FUBAR? Um... because that's a TENTACLE MONSTER? And over half your force is FEMALE?
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