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for Switching Places Evangelion

3/19/2013 c20 Jedarol
oh god.. the new angel cant stop laughing and im in tears... cant wait for the next chap for sure
3/19/2013 c6 1Cemalidor
BWAHAHAHAHAH... ok, got to cut back on evil laughter there...

Weeeeeell, so we GOT Washuu into the mix (at least in theory), so there should plenty of fun coming Ranmas way. :XD
3/19/2013 c5 Cemalidor
'Overboard' as in 'I don't believe in the concept of overkill'? :XD
3/19/2013 c4 Cemalidor
I sense a heeluva headache coming Misatos way... :XD
3/19/2013 c2 Cemalidor
Towel and the fish in the ear, you HAD to include this, right? :XD
Currently i'm debating with myself if it would have been better or worse if Washuu or Urd would have answered instead of Mihoshi... o_O
3/18/2013 c20 1Bitjama
OooohhhhNaughty naughty tentacles. Please have unit 02 get captured and be molested in al the right places.
3/18/2013 c20 1AnFan-n-More
Hmmm, the first thing that comes to mind in this situation for a FUBAR is that the new JSDF attack vehicle is going to accidentally throw the kaiju at Ranma, knocking him into Rei and Asuka, and "things" are going to happen.

Any way it happens, I look forward to reading about it :)
3/18/2013 c20 2Libri Ignis
...see this is why I'm compelled to keep reading this. You have managed to fill my random quota for the month. And the next.

I have no idea where you're taking this. And I love it.

Keep it up.
3/18/2013 c20 7Sorakage Sama
For the sake of their chastity, I suggest the three of them run for the hills. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Ja ne

Sorakage Sama
3/18/2013 c20 Techpriest of Tzeentch
Oh dear god, what hell have you wrought?
3/18/2013 c20 4the DragonBard
You know, if Ranma 'did' develop the speech based attacks, you would have 'so' many one liners...

(Ranma says something, and slashes show up on the Angel)
"I've heard of razor sharp wit, but that's ridiculous.

(Ranma says something, and it smashes an Angel down)
"That was rather blunt of Ranma."

(Ranma actually makes the Angel so mad its head explodes.)
3/18/2013 c20 shugokage
Haha great chapter and nice job on the angels!
3/18/2013 c20 FateBurn
Great chapter and is good to see that the ideas for what to turn the Angels/Kaijus into are still plenty.
3/18/2013 c19 shugokage
Amazing story great chapter!
3/18/2013 c20 firelordeg
thank you for sharing another fantastic chapter please continue to update as soon as life allows (on a side note with the way this angel/kaiju 'attacks' (makes every one have sex) Ranna may actually be forced to get laid for once lol)
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