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for Switching Places Evangelion

11/5/2010 c8 Gurren
Not sure if you meant to do it on purpose or not but at the very end you stated Asuka' s Eva was Unit 3 instead of Unit 2.
11/5/2010 c8 Evabirdsarego
It's not as bad as I feared, you were a little too GodModeSue with Ranma in the first couple of chapters, but you've eased back on it somewhat so that it isn't as bad as it was but Ranma is still too much the voice of sanity and reason. You really need to check out Lavanya Six's "Better Luck Next Time" on what happens to someone trying to outmanoeuvre Gendo though. The whole 'Gendo caught flat-footed and not reacting fast enough' sub-genre is pretty much dead in the water and ever so slightly dumb looking ever since that story. Are you planning on telling us Shinji's side of this at any stage? Because that would be well worth a read, perhaps even more interesting a read since he is utterly outclassed on every level by every single Ranma character with the exception of Akane, so instead of just having the Sue-Character sheild you've given Ranma, Shinji would have to work to stay alive.
11/5/2010 c8 anonymoose
I saw how this started out as a crack fic, but gradually, it's becoming more of a genuine action humor fic.
11/5/2010 c8 anon
I had fun reading the chapter, good job
11/5/2010 c8 Hishin Trueflame
i really cant wait to see Asuka reaction to THE Ranma chaos and chick magnet extraordinare
11/5/2010 c8 3Bigreader in The Omniverse
OK, good chapter. Question: are you going to leave ranma essentially the same? I mean some of his abilities do not seem to work right in this world and he should be genetically the same as at his home universe.

Question 2: Why is it that when Shinji was added to Ranma's universe he seems to have been inserted retroactively so that the whole Ranma 1/2 time line is changed? While the history in the NGE universe is only altered at the point where Ranma actually enters it and only his name is changed? Why does the past records still mach the character of Shinji Ikari ? IF this happened in reverse wouldn't shinji have showed up at the same point in time when Ranma left with people expecting him to be a good martial artist?
11/5/2010 c8 3MrEmperor
I'm looking forward to how you're going to do this next fight. The chaos is delicious!
11/4/2010 c7 1Lord Sia
Enjoyed this on Addventure, enjoy it here as well. Do continue, it's a great fic - similar but different compared to the Wild Horse Thesis (one fic I well and truly enjoyed).
11/4/2010 c7 art9000
I hope Ranma still has some of his useful techniques left aside from Hidden Weapons like Moko Takabisha and other skills.
11/4/2010 c7 1Alex DarkFire
Well, I have to admit, I'm happy to see this, as its probably one of my fav threads over at the AAdv, I do hope you continue this when you get to the end of the posted stuff, as its a laugh and all in all a lot of fun to read.
11/3/2010 c6 Lord Edric
Just what DVDs did Rei watch?
11/3/2010 c6 3Hiryo
Yay another good chapters and hope that you'll be soon where in AA it's left of.

Please update that absolute wonderful fanfic soon!
11/3/2010 c6 anon
hahahaha! Poor Shinji, got beat up by girls so much he started to see boys instead...he must have developed some heavy mental scars.

Nice end to that chapter too Ranma must have had his mind semi blown away by Rei's advance.
11/3/2010 c6 Shadow.R.Chaos
Nice, I got to say you really do write addictive stories. I've already reread No Tendo 3 times. and got to say this one's shaping up the same, like the base pair up and can't wait to see more soon.
11/3/2010 c6 art9000
That was fun.

I'm surprised Ranma didn't give an excuse like he was raised in the countryside so he didn't know to use computers. He should have seen that coming because of the DVD he and Misato watched and made preparations. Rei is very straight it's a start, a great start for her.

Nice chapter, till next time.
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