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for Switching Places Evangelion

4/11/2015 c24 17duskrider
nice job with this and the reactions that they had.
4/11/2015 c24 Ranmaleopard
This is just really interesting keep it up
4/11/2015 c24 GrumpyGrue
Borg Ree, angels left hanging, and Warcraft nostalgia. What's not to love?
4/11/2015 c24 9Dragon Man 180
Escorting a kobold... nice. I can't wait to see what other game stuff comes up, especially if Ranma gets involved.
4/10/2015 c24 1337
have mercy on kensuke let him be a guy again but looking like a male version of asuka
4/10/2015 c24 firelordeg
thank you for sharing this fantastic chapter as well as for all the time and effort put in to it please continue as soon as life allows
4/10/2015 c24 5roughstar333
So basically it is the Cosmo Entelecheia spell from Negima applied to the entire world?
4/10/2015 c24 karthik9
It is excellent chapter.I look forward to future updates.
4/7/2015 c23 1aliesterus
Please give us more. Please? WE BEG YOU! Or at least I do.
4/6/2015 c15 aliesterus
Rei's source of dating on chapter 15 is pure genius. Everyone should take advice from Tvtropes *cackles*
4/6/2015 c9 aliesterus
Good job, you managed to get me to laugh maniacally all the way from the beginning to chapter 9. BWAHAHAHAHAAAA! Your work is sheer genius. Now, the fans demand you to make more. Or at least I do. Now let's see if I'll continue laughing...
3/6/2015 c14 GrumpyGrue
Plot to further the plot. If at first you don't plot, plot again. If you were to plot a chart of Gendo's plotting, it'd show that he plots as he plots, plots in his sleep, plots on the potty, and plots while having sex with Akagi. Would he do her now that she de-aged? That's like...pedophilia. I wonder if he did anything with a Rei clone, just because she looked like Yui.

I thought at first that Ranma used Hidden Weapons to stash the kaiju. Silent Thief was good though.
3/6/2015 c12 GrumpyGrue
Hah. Human plus having double meaning. Ranma was aquatransexual. Oh, you!
3/6/2015 c13 GrumpyGrue
Asuka's irony pulverized my funny bone.
3/5/2015 c11 GrumpyGrue
God damn it Shigeru! You're a goddamned genius! That's the most outstanding answer I have ever heard! You must have a goddamn I.Q. of 160!
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