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for I Hear Him Scream

10/6/2022 c1 2ArcaneStorywriter
I love re-reading this for the hundredth time :D
9/14/2022 c2 2TheDayofRickening
Love the way you portrayed the village’s general reaction to Hiccup’s transformation. It sounds horrific just in written word; imagine having to witness it.
9/14/2022 c1 TheDayofRickening
From the description you’ve given, Dragon Hiccup’s coloration could make him almost look like a Sand Wraith.
8/5/2022 c2 ImMoku
im confused with your POV
3/1/2022 c6 Mr.Snowstorm
Reading it now after years, I can see this work's age. It's really awkward in places, but otherwise still a good read!
2/20/2022 c17 Epclaymore
Fourpony please do temper your expectations, nothing is perfect
10/20/2021 c4 Fourpony
There is heavy emphasis put on Hiccup listening to the Night Fury leave... but if he hadn't heard the Night Fury get up, it would have changed nothing in the story. That little paragraph is completely superfluous. I think it actually hurts the narrative a little. Hiccup is speaking directly to the reader there which does not happen often, putting more importance on something that doesn't matter in the least.
10/20/2021 c3 Fourpony
The whole "dishonoring" thing didn't make a lot of sense to me. They are both combatants in a fight with no standing rules of engagement. Maybe one could be seen as fighting dirty but that doesn't dishonor the other.
10/15/2021 c1 picothea
So, after having never heard of this collection of fanfics before, I started reading it a couple of days ago. I finished I Hear Him Scream on the second day, having been completely drawn into it.
From the very beginning, chapter 1, I was feeling very different about this fic. The whole dragon!Hiccup idea has of course been done elsewhere, but... often rather awkwardly and, at times, even too weirdly to keep up with. But this one, this fanfic, this was the one that really drew me into the idea.
It's everything but sunshine and rainbows. It's not a well-intended gift to Hiccup. It is a malicious act of vengeance by a brash, spiteful Toothless that will send the boy tumbling down through numerous near-death experiences. It's dark, as will a lot of the story be. And it's impressively written.
Every time I paused my reading of I Hear Him Scream, I was left eagerly wondering what would come next. The story doesn't just grip you in the moment, it grants you beats and cues to tumble around in your head and theorize about. Everything in the story has the possibility of playing a major role sooner than you expect.
I can give nothing but praise to the brunt of this story. From its darker handling of established characters, to its creation of original characters on the fly. And, despite all the gloomy and forlorn events of the story, it makes the happier, heartfelt moments so much more impactful.

Now, having said that I finished IHHS, my only real complaint or concern was the ending, and the content of the sequels.
So- ending spoilers!

Part of me is very sad that Hiccup wasn't able to remain a dragon, after everything he and Toothless had been through, and after the acceptance that he finally received. I am reading the sequels with bated breath, hoping for it to happen, but unfortunately it might not truly be. Maybe I am just a sucker for dragons and their escapism.
9/20/2021 c4 2Detsella Morningdew
I think the only reason Toothless was so quick to trust Hiccup is a combination of Hiccup's weak body, his complete unwillingness to kill even when he had the best opportunity, and then the forced contact between them. It was a very clear "I'm not like those other violent humans." Then Hiccup fixed his tail, at least partially.

Now, Toothless trusting any other Viking? That's a bit different. There's history there.

In this story, the circumstances are not the same, and so it takes a lot longer. Also, the lack of language barrier removes any sort of uncertainty to what people are saying, so ironically it lengthens the time it takes to trust each other.

Hiccup in canon didn't know anything but "this dragon is acting nothing like dragons are supposed to", and thus didn't hear constant insults about humans. And of course he didn't have any reason but previous prejudice to hate Toothless. And of course in order to communicate at all, Hiccup had to do a lot more than just open his mouth, so Toothless must have at least been mildly impressed at the effort.
8/29/2021 c2 Mr.Snowstorm
It's been... years since I first read this. I don't remember Toothless being this much of an asshole, but I guess that's part of the fun.
7/15/2021 c11 Goldspark1
Wow. Just wow. This story is amazing. Mm actually kind of mad at myself for not sending a review earlier until chapter 11. This is just so well done.

First, just loved all the build up to the queen throughout the entire story. We see from Toothless' point of view just how powerful she is. Her mental abilities got an entire nest to be subservient to her. Yet this also brilliantly teased at the mental ability is not just tied to magic. It could also be intelligence.

Then when they meet the queen; Oh man, everything was well done. First, loved how they first went to the queen and after a while, the queen called them each one at a time to deal with them. Not only does this make logical sense. It is easier to break a mind one at a time instead of them both as a united forced. This also gives the queen a chance to look over their bodies and minds. Her conclusions are all well thought out and never feel forced. She doesn't immediately mentally attack Hiccup. She pokes and prods for information. Then uses that information to plant seeds of doubt. Then when Hiccup is at his most vulnerable from the legit doubt he harbors, she swoops in for the kill.

Also just loved the call back to the dragons back at the fighting pit. They were all mostly united in helping the Night Furies escape, despite the dangerous situation. And we saw through them the control the queen had even when they are not at the nest. This is great buildup for when we finally meet the queen.
7/10/2021 c9 Gr1mreaper13
Love this story but this bit at the end with everything falling apart and he doesn’t decide to talk to his dad to explain what’s happening even though this entire time he wants to get back into good graces with the clan is really quite perplexing
7/8/2021 c7 3AdamantJackal
I honestly don’t think Stoic honored his nest hunt with Hiccup’s name because he was feeling loving. More like he was feeling the guilt and defeat as a father. I know he’s not heartless but the lack of empathy when it comes to most of the tribe on the whole at this moment speaks volumes to that idea. Stoic’s role as a chief trumped his responsibility as Hiccup’s father and pretty much lead to a lot of said accidents dealing with Hiccup in the village. One compliment or fatherly word of wisdom, curiosity of his son’s day might have gone leagues to improve how things might have turned out.
7/7/2021 c5 AdamantJackal
The story about the Two dragon gods shouldn’t shock Hiccup with how extreme the dragon of the sun was in taking someone’s eye. I mean his own beliefs have a god who gave one up for infinite knowledge and wisdom. While another was just a whole lot of strange and bad all around. Loki is the most twisted for having several children of different types with different species so yeeeeaaaah. Plus the fact that Ragnarok is still the end no matter how many fine warriors Odin brings to Valhalla to build an army against it. This whole conversation just took a grim turn so I’m stopping now.
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