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for I Hear Him Scream

12/13/2015 c16 CartoonLoverBecky
Oh my God. It's over! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! D:
How am I going to carry on with my life now?... *slowly falls to the ground* Ugh, why does it always happen when I find a really really great story to read?
11/29/2015 c4 3Gemini9506
I am really worried about toothless being stuck in the cave without being able to fly. Also I really hope he could grow his tailfin back, I mean in this story he should be able to right,
11/29/2015 c5 Gemini9506
i like how Hiccup gets more dragon every day because lets face it he was meant to be a dragon :) I love al the angst and drama both Hiccup and toothless has gone through.
11/28/2015 c16 2werewolf6780
*Happy screeching* oh skies this was BEAUTIFUL
11/11/2015 c5 Mantax64
I've read this story three times consecutively today and once 4 years ago.
Such a great story of adventure, hope, despair, and love.
I will await your future works.
11/8/2015 c16 1Pietersielie
Well. Well. What is there to say? I do not have words worthy enough to describe the accolades that this story deserves. Honestly, this was freaking superb. I was hooked from the first sentence to the last, interrupted only briefly when I passed out sometime on the wrong side of midnight and dawn. Only a brilliant author can do that. Thank you for the honour of reading this masterpiece, so thoughtfully worked out. The magic and the lore, all better examples of how to work fantasy than pretty much anything out there. I salute you! If ever implemented a "Favourite of Favourites", then this is it for me, without a doubt, despite having a less than ideal ending for me (yes yes, I know, I'm a softie at heart). Thank you again!
9/29/2015 c16 sagemanexp
nooooooo you cant end it there its soo unfair on hiccup and toothless

apart from that amazing storytelling you're very good although i feel the chapters could have been shorter to stop my attention wondering that is something i did struggle with

i defiantly think you have to somehow change hiccup back into a shadow blender though whether heas gravely injured riding toothless (im talking limbs off and entrails spilt) several elders and healers try a normal heal when that doesn't work they risk the 3rd transformation despite the risks (maybe he only survives for a few weeks or so) toothless stumbles on a female night fury making his end happier

maybe reincarnation hiccup dies of old age toothless finds a mate etc

but anyway its you're story not mine and im nor forcing you :)
9/22/2015 c16 petrarabe1980
A very beautiful and really sophisticated story that I read with great pleasure.

Only I would have wished that Hiccup and Toothless in the end still be could be understood, as they could when he was a roof.

Also it would have been beneficial if he could switch between human and dragon, because as it is now, he is also regarded as the king of dragons, but what about a king who can not talk to his people?

Furthermore, it is a bit unfair that he has a much shorter lifetime than Toothless, because as a man he has just only have a fraction of the lifetime that has a dragon.

Since it would be much better if he had remained a dragon, but it can also turn into a man so that he visits his father again, and then the may be as a human being, so that does not feel that he had his son lost to the Dragons.

Maybe you h├Ąttes him then even Astrid placed side by side and if they proved successful, it would also have the gift of the two bodies and the life as a Night Fury, where so Hiccup has his love a kite lifetime on the side of the gods.

Of course, you would have a female dragon Toothless in can transform, so that they have a long life as a dragon and also the happiness of the young, because Hiccup as a woman his father would certainly not like.

Maybe you think even once about it and writing a corresponding sequel.

Translated with Google.
9/16/2015 c16 2ElizabethBathog
This was amassing! Awesome work!
9/16/2015 c16 Guest
This story was amassing! Awesome work!
9/13/2015 c6 2Irina Hunter
It's the Thorston twins. Jorgenson is Snotlout;s last name.
8/27/2015 c16 Shadow-blender1
I cried it was so sad! But I really really loved it! I've been reading it forever and finally finished your story. This fanfiction has given me the inspiration to write something worth reading. I owe it all to you and your other fans and followers for giving me this gift of literature and I am truely grateful. Again, thank you I owe you so much!
8/20/2015 c16 3OseanSoldier
Okay, saying this to all who read this review, there is be spoilers! You have been warned!
Okay, now that is out of the way. I am both pleased and a 'bit' let down by the ending of this. I say let down because of how it ends in a way that if continued, would be the same as the movie. Hiccup human and missing a leg and Toothless missing his tail fin. The route to get there was different, but the ending is the same. But that is me being knit picky. To expound on this, I am pleased at the ending when you have Hiccup say, "Can you reverse it?" It shows that he not only accepted his dragon body, but embraced it. Truthfully I was hoping he would stay a dragon at the end, but for some reason I knew it wasn't going to be so.

Now, back to the let down part. And again, I am not really let down. This story was amazing! Just didn't quite end how I wanted it to. But this isn't my story, its yours. I was let down as I said because of the similarities to how the movie ends. I always like it when authors branch out from what is cannon, which you certainly did and it was great. And I am making a mountain out of a molehill here. Hope I don't sound too harsh.

Still, this story was downright AMAZING! I cannot remember the last time I went through... 321,000 words in under 48 hours. Needless to say I have had no life the past 48 hours... Spent two of my last three days of summer before heading back to college diving into this story. And I don't regret it one bit! I like all the creative liberties you took with this story. The dragon magic, the God of the Sun, and the Goddess of the Moon. All of that was very well written. Very original. I like it when authors add their own flavor to stories like this. Their own writing style.

I would rank this story as one of the best stories I have read on this site. Heck, of all time. Even with my pointless complains about the ending, it is still easily one of the best pieces of literature I have found. I can see why this story has all the reviews and favorites that it does. And as far as the ending ending goes (as in the last few paragraphs), I loved every sentence of it! The disappointment of Hiccup waking up as human, him missing his dragon traits, him wanting to know if he could be changed back. As I said earlier, the wording in him asking Toothless of can it be REVERSED was pure genius. A great tie back to the very start when he asked the same question, only to get his human body back.

Anyways, that is enough rambling for this review. Great job one last time! I don't know if you have plans for a sequel to this or not, but if you do you have my full support!
8/20/2015 c15 OseanSoldier
I am speechless... You are one heck of an amazing writer... The battle scene was amazing and the ending... well, the next and final chapter beckons me.

Great chapter again!
8/20/2015 c14 OseanSoldier
Great chapter again! I know I say that every time, but it is true. I am not the best at leaving reviews, but I still feel that I should. And now it is time for the big showdown. I am very much looking forward to it. I must say though the interaction between Hiccup and his father at the end were touching. As were the moment between Hiccup and Toothless.
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