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for I Hear Him Scream

3/26/2020 c1 athnayy
Just had to reread this story again today. Espacially on the 10th anniversary of How to Train Your Dragon! Love your work!
2/6/2020 c18 1ErelagonPlays
This was a great story
Allot of interesting twists and surprises
But it is sad to know that he turned back to be human.
But they will find a way...

This is one of the best httyd stories I have read
Being only out ruled by:
Brothers of Night by toothlessgolfer
But a great story
1/12/2020 c1 Guest
wow are you sure this description of transformation doesn't falls under M catagory. but for the rest i like it a lot. also maybe you just could put a line in front of the text section saying wich POV's it is.
1/4/2020 c2 FriggleBerry
Would be nice if it was marked between POV changes kind of annoying when it just swaps no warning whatsoever
1/2/2020 c10 7Fantasia Komix
...did all the dragons that were paired up with the gang just die?

This was a tear-jerker, and well-written. Kudos
12/31/2019 c1 athnayy
This masterpiece, and its sequel, are easily the best fanfiction works of the decade for me by miles! Keep up the good work.
11/29/2019 c6 3Aurastar Warrior
Are you perhaps an extra dimensional of the dragon world? I'm an extra dimensional as well but not of your world I'm from the pokemon world though I can adapt to all world because of my guardian aura. due to the fact that I may overuse my own aura I'm giving myself an ability that requires no aura thus making it safer for me and others as well. if I use all my aura reserves I'll start using the aura I need to live or that of others so it makes sense. the ability I gave myself was the power to become a night fury at will. useful because invisibility stealth power speed and intelligence. at the moment my aura is adjusting so if I'm attacked I'm more vulnerable because my range of aura sight is more limited. pls message back if you are extra dimensional I've been searching for more all hear since I got stuck here. Sincerely Sebastian

Species:Riolu/Human Night Fury.

Unique Power: Guardian Aura.

Close friends: 0

Distant online friends never met in person: 0
9/17/2019 c8 Guest
This story is the novel that I am writing a theme essay about.
9/6/2019 c8 RokenDarkly
love this amazing story so much!...But my god are the chapters fucking long lol <3
8/2/2019 c11 RandomPerson
Do you accept donations? Ill give 10 bucks because this story is amazing.
6/20/2019 c13 2GeorgeQuartz
Scratch that, so far better than I would have thought.. It doesn't rush to an essential plot or try discover it's solution too quickly in attempt to close.
6/20/2019 c12 GeorgeQuartz
I don't quite understand what is happening in this chapter I might have to reread it
6/18/2019 c1 GeorgeQuartz
well about to start reading it I put it off for long enough here we go
6/13/2019 c1 BigBoyBean
Masterpiece, godlike
6/7/2019 c18 Guest
Dang it I wish there was more
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