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11/6/2010 c2 6gazz uzumaki
Its becoming interesting, please write more.
10/31/2010 c2 1Danfrogger
dont know what to say about the story you need to make the story more biger
10/31/2010 c1 Danfrogger
very intresting
10/31/2010 c2 101VFSNAKE
Nice! Soon Konoha will be in for a complete surprise. LOL!
10/31/2010 c2 1starravenwolf
i must admit, this is getting good. I like itand hope too see some more soon.
10/31/2010 c2 True Assassins
Nice chap I really like how you had Kain wake up at the end I wonder what going to happen next I like how you had naruto be scared when Raziel told him he would be devourer of souls that was funny wonder what Kain is going to say anyway if you want anymore ideas like the ones I gave yesterday don't hesitate to ask since I am full of ideas all the time I got like 8 stories ready to be written in my head and since I have a really good memory I keep them up there until I am ready to write them anyway can't wait for the next chap ja ne
10/30/2010 c1 True Assassins
this is pretty good start as for villians how about Danzo Orochimaru akatsuki as well as some vampires from the games and maybe some old bosses from the games that are resurrected by one of the evil people like orochimaru or akatsuki and as for powers all of the powers from defiance would be good that was most likely my favorite game from the series also for the chakra make it a dark color not bluish but maybe black or purple and as for its abilities give him all chakra afinities since kyubbi is a fire type being fire is added and can't harm naruto that would sound great again these are just ideas for you if you want them ja ne and please update soon its a realy good start to a story
10/29/2010 c1 101VFSNAKE
Interesting start so far. Keeping going.
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