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1/19/2011 c1 50Death101- Fox Version
Just letting you know that second person (you) stories are banned on Fanfiction and I don't really understand why you made it second person. This would be an AWESOME first person (I) story! All you would have to do is change all the you's to I's and avoid being reported. Anyways, looks like a good story and the whole profile thing every 10 chapters is an interesting idea.

1/18/2011 c4 gyutiepie
Yay you finally got it up I'm so proud! Can't wait for more,

Your loyal reviewer

1/18/2011 c4 12Angel of Randomosity
*snickering*...awwesss poor Kuwa-kun...hehehehe

Hmm...the universe was edited for her. That's why there's five. *smacks Hiei's head* Stop being a baka oni *dodges behind Kurama*

I'll be waiting for the next update! XD

p.s. She's acting like Hiei...it's scary...but, in a wierd funny way...lol
1/1/2011 c3 gyutiepie
I love hieI, if i could i would teleport me and my bff into their world i would have to slap myself from jumping hiei. Anyway i love piper, she has that, aww you think i care, kind of attitude.

Ik just waiting for the next chap, please hurry amd update

11/6/2010 c3 6xEpIcxXxfAiLx
An interesting start... At first I felt like your character would end up being a Mary-Sue but I've been proved wrong (thankfully). Just be careful that you don't join the dark side! THOSE ARE NOT COOKIES Dx

Anyways, I'm kind of curious to see what you do for a Fifth Saint Beast. Also I think the thing that redeemed your character for me was that she makes me laugh. I have never seen anyone but my friends use the word 'derp' in their stories. If you ever use herp-derp, then I will love you for life. I hope to see more soon, because your story seems pretty promising. Just try and throw your readers a curve ball here and there!
11/6/2010 c3 3GwendolineChadwick
Renrei*me* says hi and that ur story is doing well but the toddler(it's fun to call him that) wouldn't send a normal human to the Saint Beasts unless he could tell they had I dunno ultimate powers or something like that.
11/3/2010 c3 Guest
The way you write isn't bad at all but this story is predictable.

Regardless, I want to see where this goes.

Also I don't understand all the Kuwabara hate from people. He's a wonderful character and very passionate.
11/1/2010 c3 Chocolate Parfait
It feels incredibly predictable. Your writing style is fine and you make the you-fic to seem pretty down to earth and relateable. it just feels as though someone could easily predict exactly what's going to happen.

1 - A YYH fan suddenly falls into the YYH-Universe unexpectedly

2 - Koenma thinks that she's some super powerful ally that can help Yusuke and his team, even though she's a brand new, random character

3 - People doubt her abilities, but she shows that she's super useful because she has a power that no one else possesses or its something similar and just as potent as one of the other characters'.

4 - They go through all of the Detective cases (Saint Beasts/Rescuing Yukina/The Dark Tournament/Chapter Black Saga) and she ends up falling in love with her YYH crush and they feel the same

5 - Fic ends with a tasty lemon, the OC saves the world, and everyone lives happily ever after.

I suggest that you throw in some curve balls.
11/1/2010 c3 12Angel of Randomosity
*snickering* I like this girl...haha keep it up!

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