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for Beyond Mere Flight

2/20/2016 c9 20Vampy
Awww... The End? It feels like the end. I must say... Khavi and Skywise. They indeed deserve eachother. :) I was a bit put off by the singing and the howling in the end... But I guess it's elfquest? Anything can happen? Anyway, thanks for writing this and posting it here. And I hope you'll write lots more! ;) V.
4/9/2011 c3 36sentinel28
This is a beautiful story. At first, I thought that Kahvi and Skywise-nah. But you've made it very plausible. I like it, and I'm reading more!
11/24/2010 c7 20Vampy
Ieeww... why pink? I would've liked a clash or red and blue... maybe purple... not pink... Anyway, thanks so much for the update, it was awesome! ^^ Though I'm not getting a real vibe from Kavhi other then, all business. I hope she'll get a little more involved, wether it be anger or love I don't really care. Same for Skywise. Let there be passion and fire! Mhahaha! Or ofcourse, silent, icecold dislike on Kahvi's side, she tends to do that... *sigh* Hope you'll update again soon! XD Keep them coming! Whoohoo! Take care. ;) V.
11/2/2010 c6 Vampy
Awesome story! You had me with the first few sentences, very elfquest like. I like your Khavi she's fiesty, moody and stuborn! Your Skywise actually reminded me a bit of Skywises dad, Leisteen (don't know his name in english) he seemed more calm and easy going. I thought it was very touching to see a bit of his dad in him (intenional or not XD ) The relation between Timain and Skywise was also very good and I loved te smirk from Cutter, he'd really do that. I hope you'll continue this story soon, and make sure to keep throwing in those characters cause you're very good at it, even if it is very minimal. ^^ Take care! Shade and sweet water! ;) V.

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