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8/1/2012 c7 1Kirachan2
i would adopt the story if it would be okay with you.
3/12/2012 c6 BloodyOnyxThorn
Can't wait for an update!:)
11/12/2011 c6 17FrenchFryLovesYou
I just read all the chapters in one sitting and I loved it! I really hope you continue this!
10/19/2011 c4 4xxninjagirl2xx
Dude, if you're really freaked out about the characters and all, switch a few. Have Larxene be Fairy Queen Lady, Riku be Isabella, Zexion be Alec (similar personalities) and Demmmmy be Magnus (similar personalities). But dude, it's fine the way it is. Me gusta. :D
10/19/2011 c2 xxninjagirl2xx
IKNEWIT! Epic win. 1,000 awesome points for you, bro.
10/19/2011 c1 xxninjagirl2xx
OH MY FREAKING GOD ZEXION AS MAGNUS. Epic. Win. I hope Zexion is Magnus oh pleaseeeeeeee 3

Anyway, awesome idea, man!
10/4/2011 c6 9Dr.Mich
Awesome as usual :) Not much more I can say except from the fact that this chapter was good :D
10/3/2011 c6 4LadyKittania
Whee jealous Dem Dem. Lovely chapter, made my day. I send lots of huggles and cookies.
7/25/2011 c5 3MysterySky8
I wonder what the nobodies will think when roxas pulls out TWO keyblades, and I adore your story! I love the books you based this off of and I love kingdom hearts so I'm super happy to be able to read my favorite things merged together ^^ I happily await for an update.
7/13/2011 c5 4LadyKittania
Yay new chapter! I love all the crazy ringtones, I almost died at the last one. God so funny. I just about dance out of my skin every time a new chapter goes up. Love this story so much. Can't wait for the next!
7/13/2011 c5 Shingles
Great chapter, already can't wait till the next one! ^-^
6/28/2011 c4 LadyKittania
Personally I like how you blend the two umiverses, with equal parts MI and KH.

I'm not a big fan of Larxene but I like the way you wrote her in. As for Riku you could always write him in there somewhere.
6/28/2011 c4 12KHGiggle
I think you should choose who replaces who. It's your fanfiction.
6/28/2011 c4 Shingles
I like this chapter. And personally, i don't care if you wanna add more of the kingdom hearts theme into it, just as long Axel and Roxas don't die. For the subject of Alec's personality, I've never actually read the book so I dont know what he's like. But if you want some advice, you could use his personality, but tweak it a little to fit Demyx. Or Vice Versa.
5/26/2011 c3 Shingles
Sweet! Another chapter! You HAVE to update again, soon. Please?
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