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8/13/2013 c4 red2013
great story.
7/19/2012 c4 CallMeCrazyBabee
I would give my eyed teeth to see that happen in real life,,, totally hott
7/19/2012 c3 CallMeCrazyBabee
Snap crackle pop
7/19/2012 c1 CallMeCrazyBabee
7/7/2012 c4 20000 WPM
That was hilarious. I love how they tricked Garcia.
6/15/2012 c4 riverofserenity
Loved it!
2/23/2012 c4 8battousaisgirl16
This story made me happy :D
2/8/2012 c4 AkiraNatsume
More please. :P lol.
7/30/2011 c4 starryeyes12
great story
5/10/2011 c4 Melbi
Haha that was lovely! Thank you =)
5/9/2011 c4 18x.keepingthemoon.x
haha this is great :)
1/29/2011 c4 9Omaano
XD gosh! the end was epic! :D

and was in the previous chapter when garcia admitted that she had sent the letter! :D you made it great!
12/11/2010 c4 5i'm okay now
Oh my god, i loved hotch's response! i just about DIED laughing XD love this story!
12/11/2010 c4 winky73
Short, silly, but fun :)
11/21/2010 c4 Cera
I love love love love love love love love love love this!

Please write more XOXO

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