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10/27 c36 roderickdiaz
I still don't get why he didn't just fly to the head, drop the bombs when he was yelling and wait for them to explode his head! this is so fucking forced that I had a hard trying to finish reading this chapter. and the armor, he has nano things in his blood, they could take it out and start healing him. this is such a forced plot to make him good
9/24 c45 FriendlyFire59
I originally read this over on tth and followed the author to ffn. A seriously cracktastic story. Sad that the author stopped posting in 2017. Just thinking how much fun the Jagermonsters, Valkyries, and Minions would have had once the Thanagarian invasion started. Of course all the other Evil Space Empires, Imperiums, and wanna be Space Nazis will curse the Thanagaians as this will give The Leviathan the excuse to expand off of his home planet. As well as giving him plenty of examples of space tech to enhance as only a Spark can, such fun. Huh, I think the Green Lantern Corp is likely to end up reduced to the equivalent of beat cops, important, but not the most glamorous of jobs.
Thanks for having posted.
9/10 c12 J
"Being a short man, he places too much importance on size."
7/23 c45 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
7/3 c30 Philodice
world takeover is better, sneaky style
7/3 c28 Philodice
I'm impressed
4/17 c45 bascospc
did the author switch platform or something? a great story, a shame it isn't finished...
4/13 c13 mst3ktoo
Heterodyne gets the High Adrenaline trait
4/5 c45 1SixFtWookie
Always a great story to come back and re-read. I'm sure you'd enjoy a trip back through this story, and maybe it will trigger the muse needed to finish it
3/26 c7 mst3ktoo
I can't believe he pulled it off. Just be needed for the plot, Batman gets remarkably dumb when plot requires.
2/22 c4 7Etsize
A thought here... Xander could have bored that mighty midgets by being a boring couch hobo who do nothing but trying to go back home again and again.
2/21 c10 9149130189189
I love this story! Your writing style is awesome.
2/9 c14 Datgie
So I read your an at the beginning of the chapter and demand you continue writing how you like. Lol. Love the story
1/28 c45 5KzintiKiller
A shame you shut this one down. It was about to get really interesting. The Thangarians would have been fun to watch, but over in Sunnyhell, The Initiative, Wolfram and Hart, and Glory faced with the minion virus would have been a riot. I mean, Dawn Summers infected with The Spark?
1/20 c15 Wol Ryung
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