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for Reckoning

8/16/2012 c3 5Ayz283
whoa... Nana is great in this story... It's interesting and I hope to read more of it :DD
5/16/2011 c3 110th Squad 3rd Seat
I hope you get your life back on track and continue writing!^^
5/16/2011 c2 10th Squad 3rd Seat
Yay!~Go Nana!~xD
5/16/2011 c1 10th Squad 3rd Seat
Cool.Error with name.*Typo.*
4/25/2011 c2 CeruleanAndGray
cooool! i've never read this kind of fic before, about time controller huh?, that's a really creative idea ! XD

I was wondering if 'she' is Nana . . .

Hope you'll update soon!

Grazie and g'luck! ;)

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