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4/30/2013 c5 nine tailed lord
thank you for not making this gay.
8/19/2012 c5 LOL
Memory World arc says Pegasus is alive and well you idiot.
5/28/2012 c5 Hade's-Daughter17
you should up date soon

I want to know whats happens

to everyone

love your story by the way

Well thats all i got to say

up date soon



PS: I was really sirius when i said you should up date soon.

PSS: Get it sirius as in Sirius Black from Harry Potter.

Any way please i want to know. Like i said love your story if that means anything to you. and get you to up date.
5/1/2012 c5 241FallenQueen2
This is sooo good! Love how yami showed up, poor yugi! Always getting screwed, off they go to save the world yet again, mmmm atem and Seth are going to have intertesting reactions to them leaving! Looking forward to the next chapter!
7/10/2011 c5 1Reiu4h
haven't read any yugioh fanfics before but I admit this one is good ^^

GL for your next chapter
7/9/2011 c5 4ArtThouStupid
Oooooh pleeease continue this! It is absolutely awesomeee! A brilliant story! Please update soon? :D
4/4/2011 c5 3Crescent Moon Lady
That was epic! I absolutely loved how you had Yami enter, though I feel sorry for Yugi now. After all, he was still sad after the last time and now this! Oh, well. Please update soon, cause I really realy really want to know what happenes next! *puppy eyes* PLEASE!
4/3/2011 c5 aminaluvr4life
Awesome chapter, I really liked it, I've been waiting to see what you would come up with after that cliffhanger and you didn't disappoint. ^_^
3/6/2011 c4 Animanga-smile14
this story is so epic. the plot just keeps on thickening. i love it.
3/5/2011 c4 Kircala
Wow! I really like this story! :D Things seemed to have worked out too well for the time-travelers (being accepted so freely and just not caring that everyone knows them... it's not a normal thing to do when one travels to the past), but it is otherwise a very engaging plot and I can't wait for more. I'll put you on my story alert list. ^^

Questions: Why does what's happening in their real time seem important to the plot? Is there some bad guy that's going to come through some loop hole in time and destroy the world? ._. And how did Mokuba get to their time anyways? @

3/5/2011 c4 Hatsy
and you you didnt update why?
3/1/2011 c4 Crescent Moon Lady
I love this! Thank you soooooo much for updateing! I really loved the chapter, though I almost cried when I read about Grampa. Please update soon cause I really, really, REALLY want to know what happens next! *puppy dog eyes* Please!
2/26/2011 c4 1witchybitch0
OMG! u have no idea how happy i was to see that u updated! i love this story so much and i cant wait for u to update again! good job!
2/26/2011 c4 2Iwishthiswasaphasemum
i swear to god, if you dont update soon i might kill myself!
2/25/2011 c4 019293
oh crap...yugi on the loose! -runs for life-

awesome chapter^^ ty 4 the up-date :D
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