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4/4/2011 c7 2xWolvesReignx
Hey very nice chapter here, can't wait for the next one.

Keep up the good writing ^_^
2/13/2011 c6 3Ovid's Sorrow
I REALLY need to start reading this more!

Anyway nice job!

With love (Like a brother, ya wierdo...)

Ovid's Sorrow
1/10/2011 c6 2xWolvesReignx
Dont worry man the chapter was just fine i enjoyed it ^_^ like i will enjoy your future pieces of writing ^_^
11/29/2010 c5 Annonymous
11/20/2010 c5 10DaMan30026
Damn good chapter! Am i right people?

*applause from hundreds of people*

There's only one problem... WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!

*A series of "awws" echo around the world*


11/20/2010 c4 DaMan30026
Hey it's john,

I made a new account fyi. It's called DaMan30026. Quick question, the set of dialog was kind of confusing, is Jade or Rika the Renamon?

Your friend,

11/20/2010 c4 John Conrad

I'm seeing a LOT of foreshadowing... i'm wondering what is going to happen next. And is Blaize Josh's character or is Vulpe... it seems like there's bits of him in Vulpe, but i don't want to count out Blaize. Talk to you at school or call me if you can.

Your friend,

11/20/2010 c3 John Conrad
Hey man,

Just a little typo i should let you know of. Before you save Vulpe from the guy with the switch blade, Vulpe says "or killed" instead of "or get killed". I just thought you should know cuz i had to stop and think about that for a second. Anyway, good chapter. I'm going to try and finish all the chapters today. Wait for more comments...

Your friend,

11/20/2010 c2 John Conrad

It's me again. I just read the second chapter and it's awesome. It kind of helps me out because half the time when you talk about digimon stuff i have no idea what your talking about. Now i have something to relate to when we talk about this stuff at school. I'm working on a story of my own. It's five chapters long and I tried to send it to you through email, but email seems to be down this weekend. Call me if you get the chance.

Your friend,

11/20/2010 c1 John

Good chapter... good lead in... well written...

Your friend,

11/18/2010 c5 2xWolvesReignx
must i say it again...oh alright great chapter hartman i like how how did the POV changes and managed to keep up with the different personalities good job ^_^ now must i say this again...oh alright you.. cant wait for #6 keep up the writing ^_^
11/11/2010 c4 xWolvesReignx
ha another great chapter cant wait for #5. Man you posted 4 chapters already and i havent even started typing my chapters yet _ but enough bout me keep up the good writing hartman ^_^
11/11/2010 c3 xWolvesReignx
aww man thanks for the shoutout there hartman and as before great chapter i feel like something big will happen soon ^_^ nice way to handle POV changes something i need work on ^_^ now im off to chapter 4
11/8/2010 c2 1Robert Donahue
Pretty good man for the 2nd chapter. i see that you added alot more depth into certain things like the arm guards and the zanpakuto...AND MIDNIGHT TACOS YAY lol taco bell ftw lol. Anyway cant wait for chapter three.
11/4/2010 c2 2xWolvesReignx
great chapter i like how this story is coming along keep it up fellow writer/author ^_^
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