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2/15/2013 c92 DragonKeeper4
that last guest comment was me loved the ending i have laughed teard up and thourarly enjoyed this again Thank You
2/15/2013 c92 Guest
Well again you have kept me up into the wee small hours i love the way you write these characters no trite attempt at written accents i read their voices almost see the images around them i am slowly reading all your stuff love it Thank You
2/14/2013 c60 DragonKeeper4
oh crap 318am another great story keeping me up have to finish it tomorrow
2/14/2013 c16 DragonKeeper4
Again loving one of yor stories so tired my eyes are tearing but i just keep reading Thank you (i think)
11/25/2012 c92 Nicster
Such a wonderful last chapter and epilogue. I particularly enjoyed the banter around the dinner table when Russ dobbed Aaron in.
A truly fantastic piece of writing from start to finish, thank you very much.
11/21/2012 c92 17Chicky Babes
Simply outstanding

Great writing

Fantastic plots

Memorable outcome to one of My most favourite Fics

Thanks so much for all your hard work and for sharing your talent
11/20/2012 c92 Shawnyola
Wow! Mammoth chapter! Loved it! I just loved how slowly but surely Jackson and Aaron made progress with Russ, along with help from Paddy and Cai. I liked Jackson's idea of getting Russ the art materials so he could try out ideas for the garage doors and even though at first, this idea met with some hostility, I loved that Russ opened up to the idea, stunning Jackson with his creativeness! I would love to have seen his cartoon Aaron and Cain!

Lovely scene at the dinner table regarding feeding the dogs their scraps from it and I love the light hearted banter that followed, along with the laughter and it was good to see even Russ lightening up. That is what he needed, to know that he was now part of the family and it was good to see that even over the matter of some training for Basie, it didn't have to turn into an arguement, that there was give and take on both sides.

I agree with Faggy - it was good to see Aaron start to take the lead with Russ rather than Jackson, who'd been assuming that role pretty much on his own and it was good that he got to the bottom of what was troubling Russ after their shopping trip. No wonder the boy was as closed up as he was with a mother like that, not even acknowledging him in the street. His breaking down infront of Aaron is just what was needed in allowing Russ to become part of this new family. Loved the ending with a positive future for the taking.

A lovely story and so well written, thank you, Mererid, a joy to read as always. I hope you're on the mend now xx.
11/20/2012 c93 4Faggy
Another well written story. I'm glad that Aaron has taken some of the lead with Russ as it had been very much Jackson-driven before. If they're to continue fostering then they both need to be able to handle tricky situations.

You've developed this story well over time and rounded out the characters into so much more than they started. It's an appropriate ending with them making progress and a positive future ahead.
11/20/2012 c93 Guest
Thank you so much for this brilliant story!
11/16/2012 c91 Nicster
Another great chapter, I'm pleased they are giving Russ and Basie a trial, that's a very good idea. Cai is being so supportive and really mature, the way he kept his cool when Russ was saying mean things about Paddy and A&J was really admirable and his reply that their family is the best kind was just adorable!
I think it's way too soon for A&J to be house parents a they're still so young but it's a lovely thing for them to aspire towards in the future.
11/14/2012 c91 7Asa1612
This is one of my favourite stories, love the characters and the relationships between them. Looking forward to more. Asa x
11/13/2012 c91 Shawnyola
I like how Paddy set a months trial for Russ keeping Basie, very sensible and hopefully Russ won't let them down. It's good to see that he's really taken to the dog already. His outburst in the surgery with Cai was uncalled for but not surprising and I'm glad Cai stayed calm and didn't rise to Russ' viscious words, good for him. He's right! His family, Paddy, Aaron, Jackson and him were 'the best kind'.

Jackson's right in saying that they should wait before taking Gary up on his offer. They've got enough on their plate as it is with Russ for the moment and he and Aaron do need time to themselves too. I though Aaron would breathe a sigh of relief! I'm pleased he managed to persuade Cain into letting Russ 'paint' the garage doors, he put across a good arguement and I just hope Russ agrees too. Great chapter, Mererid, thanks x.
11/13/2012 c91 17Chicky Babes
Absolutely Fantastic - off to read it again

Thanks for all your hard work now I'm writing too I know just how hard it is !
11/13/2012 c91 4Faggy
I'm glad they both agree that they're not ready to be house-parents yet. They need to build up to something like that over time.

Seems like despite the progress they've still got a long way to go with Russ. I wonder if he's saying all this stuff to force them away. Very mature of Cai to keep himself under control.
11/12/2012 c90 Nicster
Wow 90 chapters and each of them is great, well done and thank you!
I liked A&J chatting at the beginning and feeling like they are starting to get somewhere with Russ. While fighting is never good I'm so pleased that Cai helped Russ out, it will help him to realise that they r on his side, will the dog help even more, it worked with Aaron and Clyde so hopefully it will here too.
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