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2/25 c1 Guest
Ah. Dobe and teme.

Teme is not a noun. It is a form of second person address.

Furthermore, Sasuke only called Naruto "dobe" one time in all of Naruto. Before his defection, he called Naruto "usuratonkachi" a lot, but for some reason, nobody uses that.

2/19 c18 PaleFeed
The worst part of this story is that you keep killing people off in ways that dont really advance the plot and are only written for a shock factor
2/18 c1 3Yuzuki476
Thank you for making this a naruto story and with itachi warning naruto and Gai helping him.
2/1 c2 lukeanimelover
Why wouldnt they complete the inoshikacho? It wouldve made more sense for kiba and naruto to be replaced instead. Or better yet just keep the teams cannon.
1/16 c8 43miguel.puentedejesus
Por Un Momento Tuve Esperanza
1/16 c7 miguel.puentedejesus
1/16 c6 miguel.puentedejesus
Me Encantó
1/16 c5 miguel.puentedejesus
1/16 c4 miguel.puentedejesus
1/15 c2 miguel.puentedejesus
1/15 c1 miguel.puentedejesus
Un Excelente Comienzo!
1/14 c3 RANDOMGAMER8742
I only have two irks for the chapter:
1. you seem to over explain a lot of things that we as readers have already picked up on based on interaction earlier in the story, or because of common sense.
2. 'elemental manipulation' or just, you know, elemental ninjutsu, is portrayed as something a lot more difficult than it is. In the main story there are thousands of ninjutsus, and the battle at the valley of the end between naruto and sasuke proves that genin know a lot of ninjutsu, as well as all the ninjutsu used by the genin chasing down sasuke beforehand, and all the ninjutsu used in the chunin exams.

other than those two the story is going pretty well and im excited to see where this goes.
8/3/2023 c6 garvit.bansal234
dropped 6/26
7/19/2023 c24 PoeFan93
This was so good and then you had to go THERE. I'm so mad right now.
4/4/2023 c19 mbrevig
Yep I can’t read anymore of this too much angst and stupidity from all the characters in this story.
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