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8/17 c7 1Par447
Best disclaimer
7/20 c2 kevinthegoat0304
Mizuki placed a genjutsu on his test.
7/20 c1 kevinthegoat0304
Wait if Iruka was talking about mito then wouldn’t he have paid attention to the last name?
7/6 c26 Sunburntskyline
Kinda curius how kakashi never taught substansial things to team 7 back then? How was things from his pov anyway?
7/6 c25 Sunburntskyline
Huh.. if kakashi had bothered to train his team back before sasuke defected i think it couldve changed some things at least..
7/2 c5 Guest
And with that Naruto decided that he had to test his capacity.

He learned from the example of Itachi Uchiha.

With the loss of the Hyuuga Clan, Konoha was never the same again.
7/2 c1 Asjad Siddiqui
Are you Aussie?
6/29 c26 2HPMARIE
Love this!
5/27 c23 Guest
This feels massively overcomplicated for basically no reason. Naruto's "beat them up in person and try to covertly notify ANBU" plan seems much worse than the obvious "beat the shadow clone and find ANBU/Jiraiya for retrieval" alternative. Kabuto's "pin the blame on Naruto" mission is completely circumstantial and not remotely convincing (he hasn't hit anyone with Asuma's knives in like 15 chapters). It would be much simpler to let Naruto take the infiltration mission – this changes nothing from Naruto's end (except maybe making Orochimaru's offers more tempting/interesting) while the village still has to figure out the loyalty questions with regard to Sasuke (and, really, would always have to worry about Orochimaru turning him, whether he left of his own will or not).
5/13 c8 scarecro.design
How does it make sense to have me stop reading a dozen times per fight to Google what all these Japanese terms and techniques mean? It's extremely immersion breaking. I could understand it it was only terms like Bunshin, Ninken etc, but many of these are specific techniques that aren't seen often, and sometimes not even used by any of the main cast. I feel like I might drop this soon and go read something else, if only to spare myself the frustration. Maybe being more descriptive when these terms are used would help if they aren't translated.
4/27 c25 3ChimamireNoBara22
Naruto reeeeeally can't catch a break ToT
I hope things start looking up for him in the sequel!
4/26 c11 ChimamireNoBara22
F**k f**k f**k...he just can't catch a break! T.T
I love your writing! It's so immersive and easy to follow. The way you write the characters seems so natural and cohesive...even if you seem to love torturing our poor blonde cinnamon roll ToT
4/26 c8 ChimamireNoBara22
It's so well written! I'm sobbing ToT
4/25 c7 ChimamireNoBara22
O.O What...what the hell!? Amazing writing, but what the hell!? I really hope that that was some kind of genjutsu or something ToT
4/22 c20 Stormhound12
I hope we get some more plot progression for nightfall. It's fun seeing the take Naruto has on hokage and I like the dynamic between him and tsunade.
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