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1/15 c1 43miguel.puentedejesus
Un Excelente Comienzo!
1/14 c3 RANDOMGAMER8742
I only have two irks for the chapter:
1. you seem to over explain a lot of things that we as readers have already picked up on based on interaction earlier in the story, or because of common sense.
2. 'elemental manipulation' or just, you know, elemental ninjutsu, is portrayed as something a lot more difficult than it is. In the main story there are thousands of ninjutsus, and the battle at the valley of the end between naruto and sasuke proves that genin know a lot of ninjutsu, as well as all the ninjutsu used by the genin chasing down sasuke beforehand, and all the ninjutsu used in the chunin exams.

other than those two the story is going pretty well and im excited to see where this goes.
8/3/2023 c6 garvit.bansal234
dropped 6/26
7/19/2023 c24 PoeFan93
This was so good and then you had to go THERE. I'm so mad right now.
4/4/2023 c19 mbrevig
Yep I can’t read anymore of this too much angst and stupidity from all the characters in this story.
4/4/2023 c15 mbrevig
This plot sucks Naruto is so weak and never gets stronger there is basically no difference in the outcome of this story and the show.
4/4/2023 c2 Lilith Aeris
This is such a cliche tho, I feel like I’ve read something like this couple of times already
4/4/2023 c2 Lilith Aeris
„May you burn with the Will of Fire“ had me cracking up, I don’t know if it’s on purpose or not
3/14/2023 c8 1Ryu Tekeshi
Fuck you for killing asuma lmao
2/27/2023 c4 11Poisonsnake23
I know you finished this ages ago but can I just say, actually making them killers, which is what would really happen, and the consequences of that? Fucking fantastic honestly, love it
2/17/2023 c3 ImMoku
I hope naruto will learn more about wind element with asuma and in future mastering kurama's chakra so he can infuse Biju Dama Rasengan with wind element that will create an ultimate jutsu called Dai Rasenringu (Menma's "Evil Naruto" technique on Naruto Road To Ninja Movie)
2/16/2023 c13 KingOfEmptyness
what a let down
2/13/2023 c6 narutoXhinata9282772
its like naruto and the other two are equal even though its stated multiple times that naruto is well ahead of both them. just so you can create the chemistry btw naruto and ino you make him make mistakes and ino is the one who helps him in the end ... and its like he is never giving his all . its nice and all to see him struggle but make the ones weaker than him to bail hi. out is frustrating
2/7/2023 c25 3JadeDragon927
Oh man, just absolutely loving this fic. was ecstatic to see that there was a sequel. not going to lie, knowing where the story was at and how much longer I had was making me worry.
2/5/2023 c19 JadeDragon927
loving the story! wish there were some more filler moments tho
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