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12/7/2015 c3 1sunfun
12/16/2012 c1 Lightmare852
Love how the two "smiles" echo each other.
7/10/2012 c5 Guest
Great story, loved the ending :)
6/7/2011 c4 Kissin Concern
Love the story so far.
6/6/2011 c2 spockside
Reads well so far... except for some terms that are noticeably not American ... I'll finish reading later but I do like the story!
6/6/2011 c4 5StarkObsessed
Aw I really liked this. I liked seeing how pepper might have reacted while he was gone. Im sad to see there's only one more chapter but this has been very good nontheless.
11/26/2010 c3 Skeeziks
This is really, really well done. Things I especially like:

Pepper quoting Macbeth!

Pepper's overreaction to Chris' concern for her and her unconscious feeling that she'd be cheating on Tony if she accepts Chris caring.

Sentimental Tony's childhood memories stashed around his house. (I can't get enough of 'very young Tony' but almost nobody writes for him.)

Long chapters and punctuation that includes commas with dialogue and direct address - bless you!

I can't imagine why this doesn't have more reviews so just pretend this one is six. :)
11/26/2010 c3 1Piinco
loved the history, is good to see Pepper's side of the history. Well done, can't wait for the next chapter! :)
11/25/2010 c3 2Linneanna
brilliant chapter!

really, I totally love your writing :D

the idea of pepper using cleaning as coping therapy is great, I can so imagine her doing that ^^ and you mixed shakespear in it, it's just perfect :)

I always thought that pepper'd have lived in tony house while he was gone! it's great that you brought in some elements of your own, like the sentimental things tony has standing around his home!

the dreams are also very fitting and I am glad you did let Chris discover them! I really like him :D

altogether, this chapter is amazing ;) your writing is fantastic, I didn't even notice that the chapter was unbeta'd!

I really can't wait for the next chapter!

please update again soon!
11/24/2010 c3 reader90
Love love love! This is fabulous! Great job. You do a nice job of capturing peppers emotions. Looking forward to more!
11/24/2010 c3 11captain ty
Great story and i love the angst Pepper feels as she misses Tony and tries to live a normal life. I can't wait until your next update.
11/22/2010 c2 PepperonyFTW
I'm sorry but ever since iron man 2 I can't see Tony or Pepper with anyone else but each other...
11/10/2010 c2 redwingsgirl514
Man, oh man. I'm hooked and I've never even seen the movies. :) (Not so patiently) waiting for your next update. I'd have copied/pasted my fav gut-wrenching moments but that's a pain in the butt to do on my phone...
11/2/2010 c2 2Blushing Rose
This is so...GOOD! I can't wait for more!
11/1/2010 c2 Skeeziks
Now I'm torn because I really like Chris but love 'Nerdy' Tony. She is going by two different names so ... Can she keep them both?

Great story so far and I'm glad to see a different variation where Pepper does more than hole up during Tony's absence.
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