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7/23/2017 c1 dolphinsred
Great job on the story keep up the good work
12/28/2016 c1 dolphinred
Great story
10/31/2016 c1 dolphinred
Great story do you have any more story
1/27/2005 c1 3Chibi Babe
awsome work here, so adorable..iw ant a letter like that! after your reviews i decided to take a peek at ur work. vry nice, cant wait to read da others.and u really amde my...week wif ur reviews! lol thanx a bunch-i shall b up

dating soon
2/23/2004 c1 Galactic Crystal
OMG! It was awesome...And true...:)
9/18/2003 c1 2Shadow of the Rain
Aw! That was such a cute fic!
9/10/2003 c1 OpaqueChastity
AW! So-sweet!


Thankies for your review on my story!
5/18/2003 c1 9Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth
AAw, that was so, so kawaii! Oh, and just to let you know, I'm about to update my fic, The Silver Forest, in about 2 minutes, incase you're interested!
7/26/2002 c1 2CrescentmoonBunny
that is the most sweetest fic i've eva read !


omg ! its really really great !

5/10/2002 c1 7Divamercury
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! So sweet! Very good!

5/3/2002 c1 4LadyAkhana
I LOVE IT! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
4/29/2002 c1 fan
I love this fic because it was sappy, romantic fic about my favorite couple. Please write more stories of this lovely couple. USAKO & MAMOCHAN 4EVER!
4/23/2002 c1 1RoseHeart
Such a cute lil fic! Short and sweet. I Lub Mamo-chan & Usako *.*
4/10/2002 c1 RL
Very romantic little story.
4/1/2002 c1 3Urmi
Aww. Kawaii. Sweet. I'd love to get a letter like that. ^_^

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