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3/18 c34 jlynn9011
your kinda making me hate hermione in this fic, just because of her attitude with Harry, and bossiness in general. the fact that he had to get her to agree to let him drop arithmancy is kinda absurd to me.
1/1/2022 c33 Michele L. King
Hello! I love this story! I’ve just noticed an inconsistency & was wondering about it. Every time Harry, Hermione or anyone of that group had been hurt the families have been notified & have come to Hogwarts. Except for the incident with Seamus & the COS. Is this intentional & will play out later in the story or an oversight?
11/22/2021 c67 2blackangel150
Hot damn boys
11/17/2021 c66 Deotail
What a wonderful chapter! I loved the banter between Harry and his family, and the camaraderie among teammates was also great. I wonder if Shay is excited to congratulate Harry on the victory as well? I must say though, all this cheer makes for some major foreshadowing for things to potentially turn sour over the summer…

By the way, do you edit these chapters yourself? If so, I’m amazed by your quality control and consistency!

Best wishes as usual, it’s always a treat to read your work.
10/30/2021 c66 blackangel150
Hahaha love this chapter
6/17/2021 c65 Deotail
Your writing is truly incredible. I had an urge to re-read your fic the other day while I recovered from a recent surgery, and I just about binged the entire thing in the span of 2 days.

Nobody on this site does slow burn as well as you. Harry’s personality is so fleshed out and goes so well with Seamus and Hermione’s, I just cannot get enough. And the young love is written sooooo well, every interaction feels real and never contrived. Thank you for continuing to post chapters all these years later, you’ll always have diehard fans like me who will check back in periodically to lap up more of your amazing writing. Wishing you the best.
3/11/2021 c65 TLD110166
One correction. Aura should be Auror.
2/27/2021 c65 Guest
I want you to know I love this story. Very well written. So happy you shared it with us. Thank you so much. I read it through in 2 days.
2/25/2021 c13 Unknown Person
Interesting Interesting...
2/13/2021 c65 13Blakely Evans
I love this story. The pairing of Harry and Seamus is so unique.
2/11/2021 c65 24JBubbles
I'm absolutely in love with how much they both grew into their relationship! And how Harry's reacting to others in a better mental state with ths newfound maturity! Like, he asked about the possibility in confiding with Cedric again! This was such a great update, thank you for sharing it.

Stay safe!
2/8/2021 c65 2blackangel150
Hahah the downfall of drinking.. oh Harry you won’t get away with it not with Severus there.. great chapter can’t wait to see what happens next
2/8/2021 c65 Axalion
Perfect! Just perfect! Thank you for writing and sharing such an amazing chapter. Definitely resonates with me on how I felt before coming out. Good luck with whatever you're working on next!
2/7/2021 c64 4witchy girl 88
you need to re upload the chapter because you left in the html code which makes it impossible to read
2/7/2021 c64 24JBubbles
heeeey, honey! just to let you know the formatation is whole off in your update! *hearts*
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