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for Rossetti's Romeo

11/26/2020 c6 15Mynameishuman
Awe. It’s cute.
3/9/2020 c6 Cojumhei
More pls
10/27/2019 c6 Just a guest
This was exciting to read! Like feelings of first love... *sigh*
3/10/2018 c6 Guest
So amazing! You had me smiling all the way trough XD
You should sell it to make a movie out of it ;p
Love your reader
12/15/2016 c6 8GamerSweetheart
Awwwww loved it!
12/15/2016 c5 GamerSweetheart
I'm so excited to see how this goes!
12/15/2016 c4 GamerSweetheart
Oh kouga, should have left it alone
12/15/2016 c3 GamerSweetheart
Such a cute story!
12/15/2016 c2 GamerSweetheart
That's cute. I love your story
12/15/2016 c1 GamerSweetheart
Haha poor inuyasha!
6/15/2016 c6 4Meeshkla18
This was such a cute story I look lob f it ! .
10/22/2015 c6 12devilinadress
I loved it!
10/10/2015 c6 2Deadpool-girl
I totally want a follow up. Maybe a short little one shot about their relationship or married life.
4/2/2015 c6 1OneOfAMilliom
I'm going with the crowd, they do make an awesome couple, especially in this. ;P
1/20/2015 c6 9dxlmao
I loved it. Short and sweet and everything nice. I could totally see Sesshomaru falling for a secret admirer.
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