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8/6/2019 c9 1Fariy Fate
This gets better and better. I hope you will continue this some time.
3/31/2019 c4 Vianca
You know, I wonder why nobody ever thinks to either use certain techniques in combat to prevent certain things to happen or to combine them with other techniques.

For example, think of the Iron Cloth and the Umi Sen Ken, for one.
Could it be used to armor lets say shoulder lenght gloves and also hide the fact those gloves are even worn?
Or armoring those gloves, while drawing all attention from lets say a ripped of breast covering, to the gloves.
Could probably do the same with some high heeled thight or croth high, platform boots.
Basically a localised reverse Umi Sen Ken in workings.

Considering the magic in Ranma 0.5 and both Harry Potter and Negima! Nagi Negi are out because of the way they enforce how magic is hidden from the world.
Same for the Fate Stay Night world and universe setting, except for Zelretch and his Second Magic, the operation of parallel worlds, that thus opens up quite a big can of worms.

It is also before mobile phones where readily in use for the normal working class and computers where big, slow and clunky.
So that rules out a few other cross over option as well, in terms of making them easily workable.
Just consider how modern smartphones would kill Nabiki her (un ethical, pure bullying and black mail, that, which forces kids to kill themself in despiration just to get away from it alI, I am sure you have read or heard of THAT happening in todays world thanks to internet chat programs and so on) money making ways.

Another thing is that in order to challenge Ranma and thus creating conflict on which ALL stories rest on, you need either a more powerfull setting like say Dragon Ball (which is too advanced for Ranma 0.5 in technology), a magical setting like Sailor Moon in which Ranma is a big snack (could always use the Neko Ken to create a Cat Girl Youma, for one) or dropping Ranma into a space setting like new Battlestar Galactica where using Ki attacks could mean a hull breach and offers no protection against a Cylon Raider using bullets to penetrate the ship and thus vent the admosphere, especially if it is a too big ship.
All the while they would think Ranma must be a Cylon, thanks to super human abilities.

I do agree that having to be a girl all the time, could create a struggle, one way or another.
Ranma could hate it with every fiber of her heart or loving it, but no able to say so thanks to everybodies reaction to that.
You could at times say that Ranma is yelling too loud, yet at the same time, how big is Ranma his fears of being turned into weak bimbo sextoy for all the boys to use?
And could it be that part of her like that thought very much, by change?

Does the above have anything to do with this story, at all?
Perhaps or perhaps not.
Some of the things in this and earlier chapters seem to hint on demon hunters of some kind.
Depending on the type of demon, not showing off her booty or so, might result in her death if things go wrong.
I guess those grand parents did not consider the possibility that in some type of fights, showing of your body could mean the difference between live and death, by buying you the needed seconds to stay alive.
Which could thus be a great way to cause some back firing to the grand parents, by being let alive by said demon.
Consider that if her clothing covering her breast, is ripped away, she has to cover it and if all her clothing is ripped away ahe would also need to cover another place, it would then mean she can not attack or defend the moment such a thing happens.
So yeah, another possible option to annoy several persons at the same time, only problem being that it is then mature contains, in terms of story.

I do wonder if the curse could be used to lengten your live, though.
I mean, Happossai and Cologne are both over 300 years old and if the curse of drowned girl resets everytime to say a girl of about 15 to 18 years, what happens if you lock the curse till your old, unlock it to go back to bird form, trigger and lock it again fo the next strech.
See where I am going with this?
At to this that Ranma is at the end of the serie, almost on the level of Happossai and Cologne, he thus would be able to keep a younger looking body for way longer then them, since they probably reached that level when they where already becoming old.
And then you have the Naban Mirror and those Age Altering Mushrooms.

A good example of using this to get a good crossover story insertion idea, could be something like say with the Mass Effect Two character Kasumi Goto, in Japan, last name goes before first name, so you get Goto Kasumi and that reads quite easily as Go to Kasumi, right?
Main problem arises when you want the whole NWC to still be around.

As for fun harem problems, might I suggest Kancole Collection?
You could set it so Ranma has finished university to get into todays world and then letting those Abyssals lose.
Human sized hostile warships, meaning Ki attacks will not be that effective.
Ad in that Ranma has problems with walking on water and...

Heh, just realised something, Iron Cloth and a reversed Umi Sen Ken effect could work great for Symphogear and other Idol like series, styled cross overs, in a, notice me, see me, kinda way of drawing attention to Ranma by generating a standing out and notice effect instead of the not notice me, nobody here, effect.
Ad in some university based anime series to explain some of the stuff in between and...
And I just realised that the Yama Sen Ken could potentially be used as a way to generate sound, by using it as the soundbox membrane that makes the air vibrate and thus generating sounds.
Could also be used to mask things like the sound of walking by making it imposible for the sound to be carried by air, via a vacuum layer/bubble.
Sneaking skill upgrade while wearing (extreme) high metal stiletto heels on a stone, wood or metal floor.
It also works great as a ear protection move, you know.

And Ranma his Ki blasts, if he can keep them in his hand, then he has basically a emergency night lamp with him at all times, with the risk it could perhaps blow up if he loses his concentration?
Basically, see about using some of Ranma his canon skills in a new way, if in a complete reverse of what it was mend to do.
Gives you a bit of character development, that should be possible.
On that, how much change that Ranma would know how to play a flute or be interested in learning it?
I am thinking about the Dynasty Warriors game its battleflute using character, here, as a possible option, either as a reason to learn it, being able to use Happossai his pipe trick more easily and some other things.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is fun in the way that all techniques require high math skills.
And the alternate worlds thing in that setting could easily account for some things.
The Device technology could thus allow the combination of those two staffs from his fight with Shaffron and more.

One things IS sure, girl troubles, in all its forms, is just natural with Ranma and thus always a source of problems.
It is also very clear that this story is heavily build on that very fact.
I will continue reading this and then check your other works.
Patlabor could be interesting I think, especially since Patlabor II seems to set the stage for the Ghost in the Shell anime, yet is funnely enough, also compatible with other series as Macross/Robotech and so on.
And since the electronics in Patlabor has a strange mix of old fasion & very advanced technology, it certainly fits in with Ranma 0.5 if you need something to bridge the tech gap to another serie, like say Bubblegum Crisis.

It certainly is interesting, thats for sure.
And way to little fresh Ranma stories, lately.
So I wonder where your next story is going to do, while reading the next chapter.
10/30/2018 c9 James1996
Great so far, I look forward to reading more in the future.
9/3/2018 c9 46Hikari Nova
revive and update this please it's really interesting
2/1/2018 c9 RadicalErin
Please keep going. For once, this is something unique.
8/12/2017 c9 Myra
Hope you'll eventually do more chapters would like to see the story go on
11/6/2016 c9 Y2Ranma
I so see this

"Hi Ranma"

"Herb but I thought..."

"my parents wanted to meet the father of my child"

"Your pregnant?, Congratulations who's the father & what does this mean for our deal?"

"Yes I am, you are & it's still on"

11/6/2016 c9 8The Keeper of Worlds
Well, this is a right fine mess:-)
11/5/2016 c9 2nashmeira
I don't remember ever reading this till it showed an update the other day. So I had to go back read all of it. I never really thought about a Herb X Ranma story but truly I'm rutting for that out come and I can not wait till Herb and her mother show up. The humor factor of Herd having Ranma's child and later Ranma having Herbs child fun. I'm still rolling from that and very happy I had not read this till the reveal of the HxR.

Can't wait for more. :3
11/5/2016 c9 cabrera1234
ranma a father when will he meet herb again
11/3/2016 c9 Azura64
thank you for continuing the story I thought the story died.
11/1/2016 c8 Guest
Who are the girls?
Akane & Nabiki
Yuka & Sayuri
Ukyo & Konastu(as most would think girl)
Kodachi & Shampoo
LingLing & LungLung
Pink & Link
11/2/2016 c9 shugokage
Definitely an interesting story and I do hope to read more soon!
10/31/2016 c8 3maryjane5000
When will there be new chapters?
10/13/2016 c3 4Azaira
Love the story so far, but don't care much about the glasses subplot. It went from hilarious to boring almost instantaneously. "He swapped his glasses"... yea, I don't care to read something like that every chapter either. Putting him on an errand, sure since chaos would ensue, but this just seems pointless.
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