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10/28/2019 c7 MelLoveArt
It wasn't Abigail the name?
10/9/2017 c9 Scathing reviewer
Such missed opportunities. I wonder why Sue's photo isn't a picture of Embry, for one. May I hazard a guess that she's the female from the other pack that died? Also, your villian would be more interesting if he wasn't so stupidly nasty. I keep expecting him to do a melodramatic villains laugh then tap his fingers together and say 'excellent...'
6/15/2016 c19 chemistrykim
Reading this again for the nth time! Really good story here! I hope you write more Blackwater stores :)
6/15/2016 c11 chemistrykim
Seth hitting Anthony with a rock was the best thing about this chapter haha
1/17/2016 c1 chemistrykim
This is one of the Blackwater fics I read and the plot is really good.. And I'm leaving a comment after reading this for more than 10 times..
7/25/2015 c19 SmartKoala
I'm sorry you haven't had all good reviews. I love the story and so glad you finished it :). Thanks!
10/6/2014 c19 llama Mama12
Ignore the ignorant and keep your dahlings pleased. Dees are the best fanfics I have ever read. I YoGurlB. Lovesies!
10/6/2014 c18 llama Mama12
Wait wait wait! Please don't go! I love your stories... Don't break my little heart.
9/15/2014 c7 8alicehank33
I didn't even realize that Jacob is/was the true alpha crazy! What a "twist"! That's why he's drawn to Leah I love this story!
10/23/2013 c19 41CharmedPhoenix
I liked this story because it just seemed more...realistic in some respects. I'm not trying to criticize Meyer when I write what I'm about to write but I was just never able to buy into Bella being the one to unite natural-born enemies, or her being remarkably resilient against the newborne bloodlust that's just purely instinctual as a vampire. Then, Jacob's imprinting on a half human and half vampire just didnt make sense to me him being born to kill vampires AND being an Alpha that's practically been bred to kill what he himself called leeches. The ending was too...easy...and all because of some girl, who believed herself to be so remarkable (though really remarkably plain and human) to make exceptions for almost everything that was a rule in Meyer's world.

I have to say that the Clearwaters and the Blacks mostly kept me interested in Twilight. The pack was something that truly interested me. I like the way you focused on the pack, their true natures as a people unto themselves (and not being guard-dogs to vampires), and I loved how Leah and Jacob's relationship wasn't ended in a way that was so conclusive. There are possibilities there that could either end in a good or bad way for them but it's like they're being given room to grow and learn one another-and more importantly, they're SO young and are taking the YEARS to learn and find themselves-THAT is something that I haven't seen in a Twilight fanfiction with this pairing. I can tell you were in a rush to finish this story, but like I said, it leaves one feeling like the pack has a much safer and happier future ahead of them; one where they are actually living and holding to their traditional natures. I'm glad you finished this and thanks for posting it!
10/18/2013 c19 KendieV
what an amazing story!
I loved it beginning to end especially because they still got to live their own lives and go to school! they choose exactly what they wanted!
Jeah forever! :D
excellent work, loved it! :)
10/12/2013 c18 Guest
In my last review I commented on some bad grammar you used. I just read your remarks about negative reviews and I hope you don't think that I was being nasty by my comments. If you don't want any negative comments, then don't ask for reviews. Your story was interesting, so you obviously have what it takes to engage your readers, but as a reader, I am put off by bad grammar. That's all I am saying. Don't take it as a personal attack.
10/12/2013 c6 Guest
It's not "her and Emily had a fight" it's "SHE and Emily..." "Her" is the subject of the sentence. You wouldn't say "Her had a fight".
Rules of grammar might be boring but it spoils what could be a good story when the sentence structure is wrong. If you want to write well, use proper grammar. Sorry, I'm not trying to be mean, it's just a review.
9/16/2013 c5 Jane
If Jacob will eventually be alpha, then it makes sense for Leah as alpha female to get together with him, and for him to be possessive.
9/16/2013 c2 Jane
Great plot twist, having Leah lose a baby when she phased. A nice original twist. Looking forward to reading more.
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