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1/6/2011 c1 8WhyTheHellAreYouHere
LOL! The idea of them playing a popular board game to pass the time is HILARIOUS! Great job!
1/1/2011 c1 3Creature of the Grid
great fic :)

that was really funny, got a few grins out of me XD
12/28/2010 c1 17AtemFan18
i loved it! totally.

it's an amanzing and original idea.

i wish you do a sequel
12/21/2010 c1 2ZodiacSnake
haha oh hehe i giggled strait through this y dose this seem so VERY plausible! i LOVE it!
12/15/2010 c1 70zara2148
Brillant! Evreyone was prefectly in character!
12/15/2010 c1 3Emmalyn
Hahaha, so cute! Maybe all only-slightly-evil guys with a bit of a shy streak have to resort to kidnapping to get pretty reporters to play board games with them. ;)
12/8/2010 c1 1bwopboop
lol! omg that was so funny!

i loved that!

Best Ending Ever!
11/26/2010 c1 34Dragon's Lover1
Very nice. I lol'd. XD
11/25/2010 c1 53chinocoop81
hahaha, this actually made me laugh. Very creative.
11/19/2010 c1 KittyBatman
I love how cute this is! Very nicely written and funny! :)
11/17/2010 c1 4LadyKnightShade
Excellent! This is funny, shamefully adorable, and well written. You do a wonderful job of capturing the characters. Well done!
11/16/2010 c1 37PrayerGirl
"So, um, should we reschedule?" he said, pulling out a black leather planner." Loved that part! This was really cute! I loved it!
11/15/2010 c1 4Royalraven007
That is so great! ^^ I can totally imagine this happening too ^^ lol Megamind is the nicest bad guy ever! ^^ lol
11/15/2010 c1 28Tripleguess
Short, cute, and plausible. Nice job! Thank you.
11/8/2010 c1 Bluelove
Awesome fic. I could totally see Mega and Roxanne doing this while waiting for Metro Man. They seemed pretty cozy with each other while in captor/captive mode, didn't they?
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