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for Haku's version of Spirited Away

7/9/2014 c7 Guest
I don't want to believe that Miyasaki ended Spirited Away by killing off Haku. But none of his movies has a sequel anyway, so you never know...
4/25/2014 c2 grace
this is so amazing
4/13/2014 c7 Bluelight
U forgot Kamaji's text: "Can't beat the power of love" after he asked Chihiro's name. Pls write it up cuz thats the funny part for me xD
4/9/2014 c6 Bluelight
Pfft, EASY! The tie will break, the smeared side of the toast falls on the ground and the cat falls standing :3
4/9/2014 c3 Bluelight
I think because we people are other apes or monkeys.

Question: Vegetarians dont eat animals to let them live, then why are they eating their food?
1/10/2014 c7 Write more pleas
Write please
1/8/2014 c7 5RunaRina
aaww...that's so sad.. :(
9/21/2013 c7 Guest
When will you make the last chapter? Just curious but... uh... take your time so that it'll be great. :)
9/20/2013 c1 1fran soares
perfect perfect you write beautifully
6/29/2013 c6 1megan706
you have to finish this im begging you its soo good it has to have a ending
9/11/2012 c1 NickelodeonPrincess
I really like how dark this story is. Spirited Away definitely has something really eerie and off about it and I love that that translates in your story. I think your writing has really improved since the first chapter also. If I had to give you one thing to work on I would say to focus on the flow of dialogue more. I know you said English isnt your first language so I do keep that in mind while reading it, but I feel like everything the characters say is really choppy and blunt and and it doesnt really flow as conversation. I really do love the plot though. It fits in perfectly with the movie. I'll be waiting for the next chapter for sure.
3/17/2012 c6 Migrate
Responses to your question:

1. cat licks off all the butter before it hits the ground.

2. Cat explodes

3. Butter toast explodes.


5. Cat and toast explodes.

6. Cat turns into a unicorn and turns the butter toast into a fairy. They both go off to utopialand.
3/11/2012 c6 7Amayada
This is a very interesting perspective of the story! I wonder what Haku thinks in the rest of the story. I also wonder if he ever gets to see Chihiro again.

11/13/2011 c1 3minMTC
This is so good! _ 3
10/28/2011 c6 SasuTenLuvr not signed in
They would hover inches from the ground, rotating slowly. And with this, one would finally beat gravity! HAHAHA!

What is with that old bath crone and making Haku sacrifice babies and stuff? Does she get off on the death of the innocent? Ooh! And what's Haku gonna do with the baby? Can I keep it? I would raise it as if it were my own- and teach it to disturb law abiding citizens! :D
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