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9/6/2012 c1 6Olivia Kaged
Awwwwwwwwwwwww this is so what should of happened! I was so mad at the writers for breaking Sammy and Dean apart :'( this...this is just perfect. "I'd like...I'de like to be your little brother again" I really really really really wanna hear Sam say this badly!
2/6/2011 c1 casammy
Awwww my favorites, so vulnerable sammy and with the fault of the world but dean always ready to make him know that this there to take care of him, Siiii sammy of return to be the small brother of dean, it is what I want to see in this T6 and we have begun well
1/14/2011 c1 29CeCe Away
Last line: awesome and heartbreaking.
11/10/2010 c1 2MysteryMadchen
So much better than what the show did, loved, it thanks, Nicole.
11/8/2010 c1 88darksupernatural
I really enjoyed this moment. We could have used it.

Thanks so much for sharing.
11/6/2010 c1 230KKBELVIS
"Sam, you better be alive in there you bastard so I can tear you a new one! As soon as I get her away from you...UGH!"

love Dean so worried...and angry at the same time.

Great one shot!

11/5/2010 c1 32vonnie836
Love your alternative ending to this epi. Would have changed everything in Season 5, if it would have gone this way. Great job. Hugs, Vonnie
11/5/2010 c1 177LaylaBinx
Aww this was soo good! Great job love! :D
11/5/2010 c1 85skag trendy
Ahh. Now that's the way season 4 should've ended... or season 5 began.

Cheers hon.

Kind regards,

ST xxx

PS. Now. What's this about your so-called friends? What have they done? Tell your Aunt Skags...
11/5/2010 c1 40Colby's girl
Thanks, that was nice.
11/5/2010 c1 134Soncnica
I wish...

I liked this... and I think that I kinda have something like this in my head too.. I just ignore the last bits of the ep and imagine my own ending! LOL :))))

tnx for sharing this! :)


11/5/2010 c1 Cainchan
great chapter. I hope you will continue this story. it is amazing.
11/5/2010 c1 96CHAILYN
oh, perchance i'm a little overemotional this morning but this one made me all teary and melancholy and i so wish that we had this scene in the episode. it was all i could do to NOT bawl when sam was telling dean about wanting to be his little brother again and dean says he never stopped...


Right then, Why is it that I only wear mascara on the days that you decide to write stories that tear me up? And you totally don;t suck at summaries or plot, you are quite a master at plot. Your stories are tres fab!
11/5/2010 c1 171Marianna Morgan
"I'd like...I'd like to be your little brother again."

Dean let a sad smile grace his lips, and stared ahead at the road.

"You never stopped."


I wanna SEE this! Season six makes me want to rock in the corner, but something like this would make it all better. *sighs at the thought*

Thanks for this - can never get enough BroMos or h/c, especially these days.
11/5/2010 c1 7Sastiel
The hurt!Sam was TEH AWESOME! Wonderful job hon!
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